Apple Gets Sued Over OS X Disk Ultility



Another day, another lawsuit involving our favorite Cupertino company. This time Apple is the defendant, with Software Restore Solutions filing a complaint that claims Apple copied its technology with the Disk Utility tool built into the Mac OS X operating system.

According to the company’s complaint, the Disk Utility feature that was first introduced to the Mac in 2001 copies a feature in a workgroup network manager patent from 1998. According to Electronista, Apple is aware that its automated repair tool infringes the patent, but it continues to show “deliberate indifference” toward to consequences.

Although Apple may be aware that it is infringing a Software Restore Solutions patent, it’s unclear whether the plaintiff has actually contacted the company about its alleged violations. The lawsuit was filed with a Northern District of Illinois court, based near the plaintiff’s headquarters in Skokie.

By choosing to file the complain with its local court, rather than choosing one likely to rule in its favor, SRS doesn’t fit the traditional definition of a patent troll. But according to Electronista, the company’s history online is littered with lawsuits — including a previous case that also targeted Apple, as well as game developers Blizzard, Sega and THQ. SRS does not have a website, and is a limited liability company believed to exist solely to collect royalties from other companies, or suing for patent infringement.

Here’s the full complaint:

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29 responses to “Apple Gets Sued Over OS X Disk Ultility”

  1. xraydelta1 says:

    It took them 10 years to figure this out? More patent/copyright nonsense.

  2. teknewsworld says:

    This thing gets on my nerves. The patent war will not end soon. But Apple can not always win.

  3. prof_peabody says:

    Hope this doesn’t stick.  Disk Utility is probably one of the most important pieces of software in the OS.  Absolutely irreplaceable.  Especially since Toast went over to the dark side.  

  4. LolaMiller12132 says:

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  5. davidvs says:

    Reminds me of what happens when someone wins the lottery… “family” all-of-a-sudden come out of the woodwork asking for money.  Parasites!

  6. prof_peabody says:

    Hmmm … just read the complaint and it would seem on the surface to have absolutely nothing to do with Disk Utility.  

    It deals with automatic configuration and repair of the OS and any third party software with a heavy emphasis on the third party software.  Unless this is the wrong patent linked to I don’t see how this is even tangentially related.  

  7. johnbijl says:

    Djeez. This patent-nonsense makes me want to abandon technology all together. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. – Hernry VI, Act IV, Scene II – William Shakespeare

  8. gregbraddock says:


  9. Jdsonice says:

    Wonderful. Another company trying to cash in on Apples success. 

  10. King Black Bomb says:


    1. How can you love something arriving tomorrow by UPS?
    2. You don’t have a boyfriend.
    3. Those items are not coming tomorrow by UPS.

  11. LolaMiller1206 says:

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  12. Dillon Schultz says:

    gtfo of here!

  13. John Ramirez says:

    im getting sick of all this patent/lawsuit shit, seriously.

  14. BrianVoll says:

    If Disk Utility ends up having to be removed from the OS, I’m staying on Snow Leopard…

  15. Frank Lowney says:

    Surely, this instance will be used  as a case in point when the current, sad state of US copyright law is taken up in Congress.  Innovators are cowering in the shadows now and we all suffer for it.

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