Apple’s Glass-Topped Santa Monica Store Gets Approved Without Question



Apple’s plans to build a new retail store — complete with a glass roof — on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California, were approved at the Santa Monica Planning Commission meeting last night — apparently without question.

According to MacRumors, who first revealed Apple’s plans for the store yesterday, Peggy Clifford from the Santa Monica Dispatch attended the meeting, revealing today that Apple’s new store is initially approved:

The surprise was that the staff put the project on the Consent Calendar. I cannot remember any large, complex commercial project ever going on the Consent Calendar. Apple was the only item on last night’s Calendar. And, under the rules, the Consent Calendar is approved as a whole – unless someone wishes to pull at item for discussion.

And in that crucial blink, the commissioners approved the Consent Calendar (aka Apple Glass House), and that was that – except for a staff report on the redesign of the Project Case List, after which they adjourned.

The 8,084 square-foot retail, store is set to feature a glass roof and front, and will sit in place of an existing Borders Bookstore on the Third Street Promenade.