Leaked Photos May Show Wintek Employees Making The iPhone 5 Touchscreen



Are these white suited factory workers building iPhone 5 screens? It sure looks like it, given the elongated home button, widely rumored to be a capacitive number in the next iPhone. It’s even alleged to be taken in Wintek’s touchscreen plant, which handles the iPhone 4.

It certainly looks pretty legit to us. What do you think?

[via MIC Gadget]

  • WVMikeP

    It’s stuff like this, by a single, stupid employee that can destroy a company’s fortunes (and by extension, their employees’).  Didn’t this person think this through?

  • dagamer34

    The home button really needs to be fixed in the iPhone 5. It was not designed for the constant mashing that it gets now from task switching in iOS 4.

  • JessicaSarah902048


  • JessicaSarah902048

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  • CharliK

    Probably not. 

    And who knows, it might not be the iphone 5. It could be the next Samsung copycat or the ipod touch 5 (now bigger for better gaming). 

  • techgeek01

    That (almost) looks like the SGS II.  

  • Wayne_Luke

    Don’t care what they are making… This damn phone better be announced by the end of September though. I’ve put off the purchase long enough and will have to go with a competitor if not.

  • Gabriel Perez

    use the activator

  • yaarik

    Who knows.. Can’t wait!

  • lsla40
  • Dan Makhtar


  • prof_peabody

    Whatever the image source and whatever product it is they are making, I just don’t see that the home button is “elongated.” Whenever I zoom in on it, it looks to me like the same old circular home button, but with a square sticker placed (off-centre and up a bit), over one side.  

  • Devin Luby

    Do you really think a picture of a ‘potential’ iPhone 5 build is going to hurt Apple? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    I think he was talking about Wintek. They obviously have a deal with Apple to build these displays. If Apple see that the workers there leak information about the device, Apple may take their business elsewhere, which if you haven’t noticed, is a big business.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    I have no problem switching applications.

  • Evan_Beezy

    Look closer everyone, its a regular home-button with a square sticker on it.

  • WVMikeP


  • rgenzon

    It does not look like it’s an iPhone 5

  • Caleb

    Seriously? That could be any smartphone.