Apple Store Is Totally Offline Worldwide, Could It Have Crashed While Apple Updated With A New Product [Updated]



For the past several hours, the Apple Store has been down, but unlike when we usually say that, Apple’s seemingly not doing just maintenance… instead, seems to have totally crashed.

Making things stranger, the Apple Online Store fell over on a Wednesday, as opposed to the traditional Tuesday maintenance period. Some users have reported in the last hour the usual ‘We’re Updating The Store” message… so could a new product be imminent?

If so, the best guess floating around out there right now is new Apple TVs boasting A5 CPUS and 1080p. Best Buy Mexico has been dumping its stock of Apple TV units for no apparent reason.

Given how far behind the Apple TV is from the feature set of the competition, combined with the fact that the A5 CPU has been floating around for half a year now, a new updated Apple TV doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. But who knows?

Update: It’s now back up, and short of the new Lion USB disks, seemingly nothing has changed. Damn.

  • lals999
  • dagamer34

    Damn it, when are Apple TV apps coming?!?!?!?!?

  • lals999
  • lelh98
  • Aj Tk427

    That would be nice, I’m waiting for this before I buy some more for my house.  The 720p will go to our smaller LCD and the 1080P for living room goodness…..

    However, I doubt that this is whats being released.  I could see that coming in the iPod/iPhone event.  I wonder if this is going to be the rumored HTML5 tablet friendly Apple Store web presence. Might explain the fact that the entire store disappeared

  • techgeek01

    Could Anonymous have hacked into Apple and crashed it? :/

    If it actually crashed, it could have been that.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they went after Apple or another big corporation. 

  • techgeek01

    don’t know if it is my internet connection or not, but my computer cannot even connect to it.  :/

  • damiendamore

    its back up . cant tel la diff in the site so far. 

  • damiendamore

    its back up . cant tel la diff in the site so far. 

  • JessicaSarah902048

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  • Snoop

    I also still cannot connect.  What about the Mac Pro’s that everyone has been waiting for, that was expected to launch sometime in August?

  • Stuart Wells

    I keep getting no connection… about 30mins ago i was getting the standard cover page..

  • Stuart Wells

    its back!
    only thing i can see is the lion thumb drive

  • brownlee

    Still down here. weird.

  • lsla40
  • extra88

    I can shop for myself in the regular site or as an Education customer but I can’t get in to create a quote for an educational institutional purchase. When I try my saved link for my school or try to search for my school within my state, I get their “Oops” page.

  • Felipe Castillo

    The Store is still down, but the apple store app is just fine, and no new products. But the lion usb key is new, thats all ive noticed

  • staticmotions

    oh my god, the apple website farted — quick, let’s all start blogging like the world is about to collapse