Are Drivers Using iPads to Detour Mobile Fines?


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Of the myriad uses for Apple’s light, portable tablet computer, texting or using email while driving probably isn’t one of the better ones.

Netiquette maven Julie Spira insists that she pulls over to check her iPad, noting that it’s both deadly and generally impolite to text from the driver’s seat.

While opining on a bill in California  that would ramp up the fines for mobile-using drivers from $189 to $309, she also says she sees a lot of motorists using iPads while heading down the highway.

“I’ve pulled over to the side of the road to check my iPad when I’ve received a Google alert, but I’ve seen people with their iPad’s on their laps while at a red light and they don’t remove them when the light turns green.”

The iPad’s light weight and large screen make it all too easy to employ as this kind of laptop — and some of the car mounts also make it simple to use while on the road.

Have you seen drivers using iPads this way?  Have you done it?

Via HuffPo