Black & White iPhone 5 Components Surface Online


iPhone 5 headphone jack black white

Another set of iPhone 5 components have surfaced online, and while these things never really give away a lot of information about Apple’s upcoming device, they do indicate that it could be available in both black and white.

MacPost discovered the components, which includes an iPhone 5 replacement camera lens, as well as replacement headphones jacks. The headphone jacks are particularly interesting because they’re available in both black and white.

Although there’s no guarantee these parts are genuine, but they do suggest that the fifth-generation device will be available in the same two colors as the iPhone 4 — hopefully without another huge delay for the white device.

Apple has always produced headphone jacks that match the color of the device that they’ll go into — this ensures they don’t look out of place.

MacRumors notes that similar parts were also discovered in the weeks leading up to the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010:

iPhone 4 headphone jack pictured weeks before launch

Unfortunately, no other details were provided for the iPhone 5 camera lens replacement, which could determine whether or not the device will have an upgraded camera. Recent rumors have suggested that the 5-megapixel lens currently featured in the iPhone 4 will be replaced by an 8-megapixel lens.