Canopy Camera Tools App Gives Away a Ton of Features for Free [Daily Freebie]



Yesterday, we reviewed Canopy’s Kapok camera system for iPhone 4; the free, feature-packed Canopy Camera Tools app is an excellent camera app and an integral part of that system — but it also works just fine by itself, without any extra hardware.

Canopy gives you an amazingly generous quiver of photo tools in this app, the most impressive probably being the time-lapse function, with its robust selection of variables for both video and stills. There’re also exposure and white balance locks (so you can set these attributes, lock them and then reframe the shot without fear of them auto-adjusting again), two gridline formats, a bubble level, a toggle between auto and manual focus, selectable capture quality and menu options to set a plethora of tap and tap-and-hold gestures.

Even if you’ve got a favorite photo app, I challenge you to find a reason not to keep CCT on your photo app screen.

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