Apple to Hold iPod Media Event on September 7, But Will the iPhone 5 Be There? [Rumor]



Apple’s annual iPod media event traditionally happens during September, and we’re hoping that this year’s is going to be pretty spectacular. In addition to the final previews, and possibly the public release, of iOS 5, we’re hoping that elusive iPhone 5 finally shows its face.

While we’ve heard many, many rumors surrounding the fifth-generation device, and indeed the next-generation iPod touch, we’re yet to hear a specific date for their unveiling. Until now.

According to Japanese site Kodawarisan, this year’s media event will be held on Thursday, September 7.

Apple has traditionally held the event during either the first or second week in September, with the last three taking place on September 1, 2010; September 9, 2009; and September 9, 2008.

According to MacRumors, who contacted Kodawarisan for further information, this date isn’t just a product of guesswork, but actually came from “a source in the know.” And they’ve been right before:

Kodawarisan has been a longtime Apple site that we first referenced back in 2002. We haven’t seen many rumors from it in recent years, though notably, in 2009, they did correctly pinpoint the launch date the launch of a new Mac mini.

Whether the iPhone 5 will actually appear at this event is unlikely to be confirmed until Apple takes to the stage on the day, but we’re keeping our fingers very firmly crossed. The device was originally expected to launch around 12 months after the release of the iPhone 4, which would have meant an announcement at WWDC in June of this year, however, there was no mention of new hardware.

  • Alexandre Silva

    Well, this is an easy-to-debunk rumour, since September 7 is not a Thursday ;)


  • Phouthon Ourn

    How do I attend? I freakin want to.

  • Irshad Farook

    8th in Japanese time zone, thats Thursday :-)

  • Michael Klopf

    It looks like, as the iPod in the iPhone is more prominent than the iPod line itself, that Apple switches this media event to the iPhone and a small amount of it is dedicated to music.

    Sad, but the time of the iPod is over.

  • Bogie635

    Become an established and well respected member of the technology press, then wait for your invite.

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  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

  • Phouthon Ourn

    thank =]

  • TheRealJTRay

    This rumor is false on the surface.  September 7, 2011 is on a Wednesday not Thursday as reported in this article. 

  • WorldsHotCake

     iPhone 5 Launch Date [news]

  • Carlos Rincon Eckardt

    The decline of the iPod and the popularity of the iOS devices most likely means that Apple’s traditional September event will switch from an iPod thing to an iOS thing… also iOS 5 is almost sure to hit GM by them so I would expect it announced and released a few weeks later along with a new iPhone just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Phouthon, you better hurry. You’ve only got a few weeks to become an established and well respected member of the technology press.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Well to be fair, the next gen iPod was to be integrated into other devices like a phone, which is what Apple has done. An iPod is great when everyone just has a flip phone, but when Android and iOS came to rise, dedicated music players just didn’t make sense. Having said that, the iPod will be the last dedicated music player to fall, so don’t think Apple’s iPod is done just yet.

  • CharliK

    There is no law about what day Apple does what it wants to do. If they want to not have a media event or have it on a Sunday and require everyone to dress like farm animals then that’s what they will do