Chef Sleeve Keeps Your iPad (and Food) Clean in the Kitchen [Review]


Chef_Sleeve_In Action
image courtesy of Chef Sleeve.

Being an incurable germaphobe, the Chef Sleeve ($20) is a prescription for sanity when using my iPad in the kitchen. Yes, the plastic sleeves are meant to protect your tablet from culinary messes; but for me, it’s more about protecting the food from the tablet.

iPads go to all sorts of dirty places (e.g. parties, cars). Do you really want to touch a screen covered in a week’s worth of human skin grease (“fingerprints”) and then knead your pizza dough? I didn’t think so.

The Chef Sleeve fits snugly over the iPad (the back seals for a tight fit) and doesn’t interfere with operation: every touch is as successful as on a naked iPad.

If you’re gripping the device, the new feel does take a bit of getting use to, and the plastic film added an irritating muffled quality to the sound of Tiny Wings. But those aren’t concerns when reading recipes off of Epicurious.

The 25 sleeves, made from FDA-approved, food-safe material, come nicely packaged in an Apple-like box, which doubles as an unexpectedly stable (with box mostly full), disposable iPad stand.

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  • TylerHoj

    Clearly this was inspired by the resealable [to a degree] plastic that the iPad 2 comes wrapped in already, eh? Still, I often saw Apple ads and the iPad 2 was in the kitchen, but thats a problem. I’ve always had an issue with looking at recipes on the iPad and trying to find a safe place in the kitchen, where it won’t get water damage. Neat little product, although I’ve never had a problem with cracking an egg on my iPad 2 like buddy in the picture there[lmao], but that’s probably because I’m vegan. 

  • Spooky

    Vegans, germaphobes… America is full of weird people.

  • Pwf50

    I just use a large ziploc bag for my iPad, much cheaper than this product

  • bigscreentoons

    I’m Canadian, actually. And before anyone asks, that’s a supplied press image. Those are not my nails.

  • Lala

    is it water proof?

  • Foodie In Disguise

    I purchased a box a couple of months back and use it when I know I need both hands and will be doing an afternoon of cooking. I like it better than a ziploc bad as this is form fitting and I don’t have problems with the touchscreen. While I agree with the Tyler that dropping an egg on my iPad seems unlikely, I'[m more worried about flour or spices or little things getting into the ports on my iPad. I have very little counterspace, so having my iPad nearby for recipe testing is important and keeping it safe! :)