As London Burns, Apple Stores Given “Special Protection” By UK Police



After a hard day’s work, I like to sit in front of the TV and stick my feet up my a hot cup of tea and a copy of the day’s paper. Other Brits feel the need for something a little more exciting, such as looting electrical stores for anything they can sell on the black market and torching whatever’s left.

Thankfully, Apple’s iconic glass-fronted retail stores should come to no harm, as some reports suggest Apple is granted “special treatment” from the U.K. police force.

As one 20,000 square foot Sony warehouse burned down in the U.K.’s capital, police vans and officers equipped with riot shields and batons surrounded the Apple store at the Oxford Circus to ensure that it came to no harm. Apple stores also removed Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads from store displays to ensure would-be thieves weren’t left with an easy target.

But was Apple really granted “special treatment” from by the police? Or did the images of police vans parked outside of Apple’s stores simply fuel rumors that this was the case?

The current popularity of Apple’s devices would certainly make its stores a prime target for looters looking for salable goods, and those glass doors make it a little easier for thieves to gain entry, but can we assume that these stores were top priority for the metropolitan police?

Thankfully, I don’t live in a city affected by the recent riots so I can’t say for certain that Apple’s stores didn’t received greater protection — I’m just assuming that’s not the case.

Did you witness the riots for yourselves? Did Apple stores seem like a top priority for police?

[via iDB]

  • Stira

    That picture is fake, the store shown is the next block away on Regent street in London and there is no flag.

  • lals99
  • danny fairweather

    that isn’t the apple store on regent street but zara home some 500 metres down the road. 

  • tjames_

    That photograph is of North Wales Police that were brought in to help contain the riots and as the commenter below said, that isn’t the Regent Street Apple Store.

    Anyway, I can’t imagine police giving Apple Stores more protection as they were barely able to protect local shops in places like Croydon and Haringey. It would only ruin the very weak ties that the Met has on citizens of London if they began showing they care about an American company that doesn’t really care for the UK market over the local shops that people poor their livelihoods into.

  • Craig Grannell

    The Regent Street store certainly used to have a flag (central, above the door), but, yeah, that store isn’t the Apple Store.

  • Boback

    This article is almost as bad as Fox News.

  • ALi


  • Andy Murdock

    Well I’d like to express some iPhony outrage for this fake story.
    This is an outrage I tell you!!!

  • loveMCR

    The vans are also empty – Im a top fanboy but it is just a happy coincidence

  • Ian Ware

    Although the image is fake, the stores ARE getting special treatment. I know that the one in Covent Garden was surrounded on Tuesday night.

  • KillianBell

    Apologies for the image — it was taken from a previous post. It has now been amended.


  • Wayne_Luke

    Apple chooses high profile locations with heavy traffic for its stores. These locations also make good staging areas for law enforcement and emergency personnel in situations like this. Even if the picture is faked, a higher police presence in the same areas would be exactly what a government wants when trying to control a riot.

    Could the extra protection simply be a byproduct of any store’s location? 

  • aardman

    Here’s one angle: If the police were monitoring social media, it would not be surprising that there would be a lot of chatter about targeting the local Apple Store, and so the police were acting preemptively?

  • liamdaly

    Should really check your facts before posting stuff, like others have said this is not of an Apple store.

  • Gilbert Estes

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  • Bobby Hiyakitkosol Wood

    “and stick my feet up my a hot cup of tea”

    This is off topic, but don’t your feet burn?

  • Scott Gould

    Should be re-titled to “I Assumes Apple’s Stores Aren’t Receiving Greater Protection in London Riots: No Further Insights Below”.

  • David

    The police and their vans were parked EVERYWHERE that night… the whole city was granted “special treatment” and thankfully it seemed to work

  • GeorgeGlasstheThird

    Removes the foot stink. Replaces it with the scent of burning flesh.