Understanding the Way Lion Saves Files [Infographic]



One of Lion’s most impressive features is the new way that the OS handles the saving and managing of files. Versions and Resume allow the user to never have to worry about saving or losing files again — Lion just takes care of it.

If you still don’t really understand how Lion saves files, check out this infographic to see the process laid out in a simple way.

You can view full-size versions of these two images here and here.

There are technically more steps involved, but the Lion does it all in the background. Apple knows how to do the dirty work so that the end user doesn’t have to worry about menial tasks, like saving files. What a thing of the past.

(via TUAW)

  • UsableMarkets

    if I need an infographic to understand how Save works, that qualifies as a failure, not a success.

  • drcarvalho

    keynote is not compatible at all to this feature !!! 
    Apple completely destroyed my years of work !!!!!!!

  • chikky1

    a failure on your part… of course 

  • drcarvalho

    read this before you open your mouth :

  • UsableMarkets


  • Michal Moravec

    Tempus Applus vs Tempus Microsoftii. You’ve just made my day! ROFL :-D

  • lalss94
  • ismailkarim23

    Have you considered reinstalling iWork? because when switching from Leopard – Snow Leopard – Lion, I had problems with my works as well. uninstall&reinstall solved the problem.

  • MoodyRiviera

    This is outrageous. It has taken decades, but it is now obvious that Microsoft has taken over development of the Apple system. We’re doomed.

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