Use The New Cancel Don’t Save Keyboard Shortcut In Lion [OS X Tips]



Apple provided some great default keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X Snow Leopard and one of my favorites was Command+D. You could use that keyboard shortcut combination to select the Don’t Save option when closing a document you haven’t saved yet. Unfortunately Apple decided to change the keyboard shortcut combination in Mac OS X Lion.

The following dialog box is an example of what pops up when you attempt to close an application after you’ve been editing a document and you haven’t saved it yet.

You can take one of the following three actions from your keyboard which this dialog box opens:

  1. If you want to cancel a file save dialog without saving the file that you modified then new keyboard shortcut combination is Command+Delete. It replaces Command+D used in previous generations of Mac OS X.
  2. If on the other hand you just want to cancel the save and remain in the application you are editing your document in you can hit ESC or Command+Period just like before since Lion hasn’t changed this.
  3. If you want to save your document then just hit the Enter/Return key which again isn’t something Lion has changed.

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  • lsl94
  • Charlie Beauchamp

    Throughout Snow Leopard and now on Lion I have always just hit the “d” key when I don’t want to save, never had to use two keys…

  • Jason McCreary

    Been wondering this for months. Thanks!

  • Jeff Levitt

    thanks for the tip!

  • lifeforms

    Nice tip, this is a pretty nonintuitive change :\

  • Dj

    Worse – has anyone noticed that you can’t use the TAB key to select the printer in the Print … dialog box? You MUST use the mouse, as far as I can tell. Lion Schmion – or as we say here in the UK. “Load of bollocks”!

  • Jamie Shaw

    Press Control+F7 (or System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts then “All controls”) to allow tabbing to things other than text boxes.

  • permanent_vacationer

    Sweet! I’ve been using Snow Leopard for years (just upgraded to Mavericks today) and I didn’t even know about CMD+D. Where is this even documented?