One Indian Carrier Is So Desperate For iPhone Customers They’re Advertising An iPhone 4 Running Android



Even in India, carriers without Apple deals in place are going to desperate lengths to sell their inferior Android handsets as equivalent to the iPhone… even going so far as to advertise this weird iPhoneDroid rip-off, which boasts the design of the iPhone 4 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the operating system.

Pretty funny. We’re not sure if this is an actual handset or just exists in the mind of some underpaid New Delhi ad agency photoshopper, but either way, it’s pretty brazen… especially since it’s running in India’s largest newspaper, the Times of India.

Thanks for the pics, Ruchir!

  • lsl31
  • Taylor White

    Hahahah, oh, India. You give us insanely hideous, impractical cars, food that smells terrible, and now the abomination that is an iPhone 4 crudely edited in photoshop to look like it’s running Android. 

  • raghupro

    Oh come on now, I know people are desperate for breaking news but this is totally insane.. It is pretty clear that it’s just some cheap imitation product and it’s not an iPhone!! You can do better than this can’t you?

  • raghupro

    There isn’t even a single mention about it being a iPhone..

  • raghupro

    There isn’t even a single mention about it being a iPhone..

  • Vihang Godbole

    First of all there isn’t any carrier that’s providing it so your title is wrong. Secondly, we get these adverts everyday, but just as Raghu mentioned it doesn’t state anywhere that its an iPhone. Sure Apple can sue them and I fully support them (me being a fanboy!) but you ought to come up with better posts than these..I can send you 50 such pics of different adverts with absurd names like iCon G4 n stuff…but if you keep a website that follows a company that provides nothing but excellent quality products then I feel you too should post stuff that has the same quality. 

  • Tim Pease

    John, it may LOOK like an iPhone, SMELL like an iPhone and perhaps even TASTE like an iPhone.  But it is NOT an iPhone.  I believe you deliberately place misleading headlines to encourage readers to click on the link.  This will be the LAST time I read one of your posts.  At least Giles or Adam have something meaningful to write.

  • Yogesh Patil

    @Mr White Lets talk more abt the iphone rather than Food and Cars.enough has been spoken abt which cars are perfect and real good food google it if u dont know.

  • ???(Ashu)

    you know one more thing even if it exist (I doubt) it might have came from China, in India most of these kind of products dumped from china, and just for sake of form factor people advertise. but even I don’t think this should be a post in a magazine called cult of mac

  • Ruchir Purohit

    Dude, i know! we see it everyday, but i tipped them bcz this is the first time I have seen it running Android. we have enough of those fake iPhones, but they all run their stupid iOS look-alike OS. im a fanboy too, i wundt care iphone fake running other java sh*t OS. but this has freaking Android…
    i called them and asked if it is actually iPhone body, they said of course its not. (duh!) but they said that the product is ‘very close’ to the original iPhone design. plus, this was in times of india…i HAD to tip em off!and u are absolutely right about the carrier thing.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Any crappy smartphone running Android OS doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with the word iPhone.  With all the supposedly superior Android smartphones on the market, why the hell did they use an iPhone body.  Just sell the Android crap-phone for what it is.  A non-iPhone for people who can’t afford the real thing.

  • Edgar Almeida

    Probably its the Gooapple phone from china, i saw an article a few days ago, not bad for a copy (or very good advertising) –

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    Old NEWS.

    IT is new constant in Portugal. Selling Windows PC with Mac OSX glued as its OS.

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    India also gave you High Math, modern metallurgy, Martial arts, Yoga, a bunch of religions, and YES the BEST cuisine in the World ( do not worry, only good people enjoy good things ).

  • gnomehole

    You sure thats not Samsung’s latest copy-cat phone?   I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • AnupR

    Another crap “made in India” as usual…. good luck out there … har..har..har

  • vikassaraswat

    you must be out of you mind Mr Tayler.
    or may be you parents did not teach you, how ro respect another culture.

    walk in to any famous Indian restaurant and you will find more local sitting there them Indian.
    you are talking about car being practical, The same company now makes the best SUV on earth… Range Rover.

    we shouldn’t allow kids in this forum.

  • vikassaraswat

    well said Yogesh.

  • vikassaraswat

    you really think that “made in India” is a crap.

    AnupR you seems to be made in india too.


  • Brajeshwar

    Well, this is a regular in some of the major Newspaper in India. Well, let me show you something then — the iMedia Touch.

  • Ajay

    fancy finding u here. :)

  • Ashish Ganu

    i really wish you would check your sources. TVC IS NOT A CARRIER – its a mail order company and the phone it is advertising never cliams to be an iphone. It is just another of those cheap unbranded chinese copies that have identical IMEI numbers!

  • Hampus

    Please, make us all a favor, stop being such a hater.
    Trust me, you can be an iPhone fan without hating on android at every chance you get.
    (Goes for the opposite side too of course :p)

  • Hampus

    Hmm, it’s an iPhone 4 body with an extra logo, running Samsungs froyo rom from the 7 inch Galaxy Tab?
    Some nasty photoshopping going on, I wonder if the actually phone will be close to either, probably a worthless copy of the iPhone running an old version of stock android without the google apps as the manufacturer didn’t pay that license :p

  • Vihang Godbole

    haha yup..Even I was surprised when I read that it was running Android 2.2!! btw how did you inform John Brownlee?

  • Brajeshwar

    Here is the other one –

  • Nick Kating

    Adding to this,…. you forgot to mention Kamasutra :)