Use Lion Recovery Disk Assistant To Make A USB Recovery Drive [Video How-To]




Apple has just released the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, which allows you to turn any USB flash drive into a Lion recovery disk. This useful tool comes in handy in the event of a hard drive failure. In this video, I’ll show you how to set up a Lion recovery drive the right way and how to use it in the event of a hard drive failure.

The Lion Recovery Disk Assistant can be found here.

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  • Lie Adi Darmawan

    I recently did a clean-reinstall of Lion through the built-in Recovery HD partition (which is exactly the same as the external Recovery HD—unless of course in the event of HD failure).
    All great utilities features are available there.
    But the thing is, when you want to re-install Lion through Recovery HD (whichever one), you’ll be downloading Lion over the internet again, as supposed to having it available to you offline.
    So, I think it’s still more useful to create the “unofficial” Lion bootable USB/DVD. 

  • Prince Edward

    thanks for this tutorial guys….suppose that i use something bigger than 1 gb flash drive…i guess we don’t have anywhere to found like that around…quite hard to find…the only amount of gb i can found is 4gb….since that i use it for this one…or lion recovery tools….can i still used it for other things to save?  since i can’t found it on my desktop….can anyone guide me on this or this is not a good way….i mean the best thing is not to use this flash drive anymore for other thing to save….thanks n advance and best regards….

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  • allen sood

    I was also trying to reinstall my Lion again due to Application folder was removed mistakenly. When i come across ” Set up and install a new copy of Lion” it requires an internet connection which is very annoying to me. I am wonder when i have already created an Recovery HD on external USB then why i need to connect with internet for re installation. Then what is the difference between Recovery HD and Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Is there any way to reinstall the Lion without internet connection that i dont like as i have a limited broadband speed.