Apple Is Emptying Some UK Stores In Case Of Riots



Several Apple stores in the U.K. are clearing their show floors in case of a fourth night of rioting.

Stores in Manchester, Liverpool and Kent have been emptied, while police have taken up a heavy presence on Regent Street, a popular shopping street and location of Apple’s biggest flagship store in the U.K.

After a third night of rioting in the U.K., which spread from London to other towns in cities, retailers like Apple are taking precautions. This Reuters photo shows a car burning in Hackney, London, on Monday.

Welsh police are guarding stores along Regent Street, including the flagship Apple store, according to Twitter user lauraharmes, who just posted this picture to Twitter an hour ago.

This Apple store in Canterbury, Kent, has been emptied, according to Apple Speak website. Several towns in Kent have been the scene of rioting.

The Apple store in the Liverpool One Shopping Centre has also been cleared on inventory, according to Twitter user Terry Allen. Its big glass street-level windows make it vulnerable to looters.


The Manchester Arndale store has also been emptied out in preparation for possible looting, according to Twitter user PB. This group of masked youths was just spotted outside the center, which is now on fire, according to reports on Twitter.

If anyone has images of emptied out Apple Stores, please let us know on Twitter.

  • jakezarobsky

    I like the random eMac in the Reuters picture..

  • lwdesign1

    How about some story here! What is the rioting all about? When did it start? Who’s involved? What are the issues?

  • chirho

    Covent Garden is the UK’s biggest Apple store, not Regent Street.

  • tjames_

    There’s 16 000 officers on the streets tonight and some of those are from forces across Wales as shown in the picture (hence the Heddlu). The largest force in Wales is based roughly 150 miles away from London so that sums up the extent to which these riots are now out of control.  

  • tjames_

    There’s 16 000 officers on the streets tonight and some of those are from forces across Wales as shown in the picture (hence the Heddlu). The largest force in Wales is based roughly 150 miles away from London so that sums up the extent to which these riots are now out of control.  

  • Nate Moss-Penman

    that is a good question lwdesign1, friends of mine in the UK say even the rioters don’t know why… the news is saying it started over the police shooting of a man. But this has now spiraled into insane chaos. Question i have is whats the difference between terror and rioting.

  • iMac

    From what I heard on TV yesterday, the riot began after a policeman shot a black gang member
    for what I don’t recall.

  • Scott Bates

    The first riot was, most probably, caused by ‘supporters’ of the dead man on Saturday in North London. However, after seeing the apparent ease at which rioters took control of the streets ‘copycat’ gangs have begun looting stores on an almost free-for-all basis, not surprisingly electronic stores are a popular choice for these looting gangs.

    These copycat gangs are now looting stores around the country, not in support of the dead man but simply because the Police have lost control of the streets. The police force is stretched to its limit and of course here in the UK, 90% of Police officers are unarmed so the gangs are not scared of the Police. Where’s Chuck Norris these days?!

  • Wayne Trice

    I didn’t see the original story, but there is aninvstigation into Police shooting a man in North London. Original peaceful protests were taken over by thugs who decided to go on a rampage. This has now expanded across all parts of London, and now further North in the UK. Rioters now are just using this as an excuse to burn, pillage, loot and cause untold distress to local communities! Very sad times over here. Where I live, Croydon in South London, a 140 year old family business was burnt to the ground – fire fighters could not get to the scene as police could not guarantee protection. However, the rallying round of the community the following day does start to lift the spirits again!

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    The Canterbury store is not an Apple store, but an Apple reseller called Stormfront, or as my friends call it, the Mapple Store.

  • Nutz320

    I’m in the UK and this is what I can tell you:

    AFAIK, a drug dealer was caught and he was chased and then fired a shot. Police reacted by firing another shot. The drug dealer died and people protested. It turned violent, people were angry and burn down two empty police vehicles. Obviously, chaos has now descended and people are using the opportunity to loot everything they can. Even people who aren’t part of Tottenham. Then I think people are getting excited cause obviously this is isn’t some third-world country and riots are rare. So this is pretty exciting to some people I guess.

  • Morten Christensen

    …and best of all, it looks literally that its turned on??

  • LukealiciousX

    Sniffle, that poor early edition iMac or eMac.. ='(

  • Dreamgrifter Films

    What a bunch of wankers.  British “rodney king” being used as an excuse for rioting.  After all, some drugged up loser is such a contributor to society, we should all stand behind someone like that.

  • Al

    I really CANNOT WAIT for all those CCTV images to be used to hunt for and go after these ignorant little $hits. I’ll be laughing for weeks and weeks…

    BTW, to our friend America: we might need to borrow that prison ship of yours again. If there happens to be an electric chair left inside, no worries, just leave it in. I’m sure we can think of a use for it.

  • gareth edwards

    I am so ashamed to be British right now.  Even in Leicester where I live there have been violent lootings. I am lost for words.

  • Miguel Manuel Lopez Rodriguez Sanchez

    The riots in England!  I am English and not ashamed to be English AT ALL!  This is not the English peoples fault, this is the government.  For years they have been giving the people all this crazy left liberal crap, protecting criminals, telling people you can’t smack your kids and kids can do whatever they want in schools with no deterrent at all.  Now finally all this is kicking off and the government sits there saying WHAT DO WE DO NOW, when they are the scum that caused it!

  • Stuart Otterson

    The real answer is closer to @twitter-585233:disqus .

    The one big piece of context people often leave out is at the time information was highly limited about the shooting, I remember reading about the Tottenham riots that day and information on the BBC website about the man shot was vague. Context is everything, it wasn’t widely known he had a gun and allegedly a criminal until during and after the Tottenham riots.

    Thus painting the narrative as people supporting a criminal would be incorrect. The protest was legitimate and peaceful, wanting the police to communicate with the community. However people with grudges against the police hijacked the protest and tensions grew until something happened, allegedly a girl was pushed and than things turned ugly.

    And wayne said, thugs, looters and anarchists took over and thus the first night of destruction happened. All the riots since then happened simply because they discovered that if you do simultaneous attacks all over the place, police forces become stretched and it’s difficult to clamp down as it becomes a bit of a cat and mouse.

    I hope this answer is satisfactory to your curiosity @lwdesign1:disqus . I don’t like it when people mispaint the situation as we lose objective truth when we begin simplifying things just to get angry. The riots are a blight and shameful event in our country’s history, but understanding the chain of events does not make one a sympathiser.