Next Time You Lose Your Kid At the Mall, FBI App May Help Find Them Faster


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Anyone who has ever looked after a kid has probably had one of those moments where you turn around and the the spritely tyke has disappeared.

A new app from the Federal Bureau of Investigation hopes to lessen those moments of panic.

Called Child ID, it stores photos and info about your child in one place so you can show it to security or police. Pertinent info includes nicknames, address, date of birth, ethnicity and identifying characteristics.

While most parents probably already have enough updated pics of their kids on the phone and know the rest of the info by heart, the app might be useful for nannies, babysitters etc., who probably wouldn’t. It also reminds anyone who has lost a kid to immediately call 911.

The FBI’s first app, its aim is to help in those everyday situations — such as losing your kid in the shopping mall — but there is also an option to report the missing child to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children if you suspect foul play.

Although they underline that the “FBI (and iTunes for that matter) is not collecting or storing any photos or information that you enter in the app. All data resides solely on your mobile device unless you need to send it to authorities,” some users have doubts about privacy issues.

“The app isn’t password protected. So if someone steals my phone they have easy access to all my kids data including nicknames and where we live,” notes E.Murphy on iTunes in a review of the app. “A password would also keep my kids from accidentally dialing 911 with those big red buttons on the emergency screen…”

Would you use this app or not?

Source: FBI, CNET