BlueLounge’s MiniDock Turns Any Electric Socket Into An iPhone Dock



There’s two main ways of charging your iPhone or iPod: you either plug it into your computer or you plug it into your wall. Either way, though, you’ll need a USB cable to get juice to your device.

That’s why the BlueLounge MiniDock is so brilliant. Just plug it into your standard Apple charger’s USB port and it’ll allow you to dock your iPhone or iPod so it sits leaning up against the wall, silently suckling from the mains.

My only gripe? It doesn’t appear that the iPad is supported. Maybe for revision 2. In the mean time, one of BlueLounge’s beauties will cost you just $20.

  • prof_peabody

    At that price it can’t be legal.  Expect it to disappear quickly. 

  • djrobsd

    Horrible idea… Especially if you have kids in the house.   Why would you want to “dock” the iphone on the floor when you could use a charging cable and have it up at your desk/night stand level?? WOW… The junk people will buy. 

  • smilespray

    I can see this being handy for travel (many hotel rooms have outlets at desk level) and in bedrooms with a night stand outlet. Some office furniture also provide desk-level sockets.

    What I can’t see is future iPad support. Just look at the picture and try imagining the weight on the socket.

  • Doug Bursnall

    I guess some people put their outlets up above kitchen counters and be nightstands, sorry you didn’t have the foresight and get rug burns each time you plug something in.
    Like it, though for an iPad, you’d need the ground pin to provide enough support, and some support around the USB plug.

  • EthanValley

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  • Michael

    I just plug mine into my iHome. No USB cable needed.

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