Meet The New $999 Education-Only iMac


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Many of us first encountered Apple Computers in schools, but Apple’s once dominant position in the educational market has seemed to fade over the last decade. Now Apple’s setting out to do something about it, as they’ve just released a brand new sub-$1000 iMac aimed for schools and institutions.

Available exclusively to educational customers, the new $999 21-inch iMac includes a 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 dual-core processor, 21.5-inch display, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 250 GB hard drive, SuperDrive and an AMD Radeon HD 6750 GPU. It ships with Lion, naturally, but educational customers will have to forget about a Thunderbolt port for right now.

Not a bad machine for the price, but given the next model up is only $150 more and comes with a 2.5Ghz i5 Processor, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and a Thunderbolt port. Even so, we hope the education-only iMac makes a dent on the Windows-infested computer labs of most high schools.

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29 responses to “Meet The New $999 Education-Only iMac”

  1. skratchworx says:

    I really hope that it’s not another eMac. The machine had promise, but sadly was built on a budget. We bought 5 and sent them all back with logic board problems. Impressionable young minds don’t need to associate Apple with failure. 

  2. FrankMacdonald says:

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  3. c.t says:

    What is the eMac?

  4. dave livingston says:

     Education Mac, white, weighed 40 lbs, was bullet proof

  5. Morialkar says:

    I’m in complete awe before this!

  6. Allan Cook says:

    My daughters have used Macs at school since they were in preschool. Now my oldest is taking her MBP to Paris for a year and my youngest, headed into 10th grade, carries her MB everywhere she goes. They haven’t ever used any other kind of computer. This is very smart marketing for Apple.

  7. Allan Cook says:

    Go away, you feckless troll!

  8. Dominus Ominous says:

    While an attractively priced machine is important, Apple needs to do some of the wholesale marketshare purchases the Windblows faction did to eject Apple from schools in the first place. I recall seeing reports of whole districts being outfitted for 60% or so of open market pricing on comparative machines.

  9. CharliK says:

    So basically just like with the white macbook, they took an old model that they aren’t really making anymore and decided if schools want to order a ton of them they would build them 

  10. CharliK says:

    Did you look at the specs. It’s the low end pre thunderbolt iMac you could buy at the stores. 

    And the iMacs that came out at the same time as the eMacs had the same issues. Which makes sense cause they were in fact the same machine just with different preloaded software. 

  11. AlbertoZermeno says:

    HA HA , Mde my day.

  12. AlbertoZermeno says:

    Thnx , was like wha?

  13. Kendall Tawes says:

    CRT eMac vs LCD (lampshade) iMac

  14. Kendall Tawes says:

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  15. CharliK says:

    my bad. You are correct. I meant to say the CRT iMacs that came out at the same time, which are what was carried over as the emac. My fingers skipped a word. 

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