OS X Lion Turned Me Into A Ranting Bitch [Opinion]



It seems as if I’m the only person having issues with Lion–it’s like I am trapped in Brain Candy and I’m the only one not taking the happy pill. I’ve been a Mac user for a long time, and every new upgrade brought butterflies to my stomach. This time around I was so excited I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but the excitement wore off quite quickly. Since then I have turned into a ranting bitch.

Having blocked the majority of my day for “design work”, I got onto installing and exploring Lion as soon as it was released. “Whooooaaah, look at that transition” became “are you kidding me?” quite quickly. It’s like someone went PowerPoint happy on Lion. See, after spending the last few years working on software most people don’t like, I‘m quite anal about what good design is and how it should work in people’s lives. Apple has always been my ultimate “cool cousin”, but suddenly I am experiencing features that don’t make my life easier and get in the way. For example:

My first reaction to Mail was WTF–it seems like Apple butchered their Mail designer and had only engineers responsible for the functionality. It does work (sometimes) and it has more features than anyone would want, but they don’t necessarily go together. And most basic functions are clicks away. I am not a click counter, but I do believe people shouldn’t think about the software they are using. And that’s all I have been doing with the new Mail. How dare you, Apple.

Next check is iCal. I’ve used it because it’s simple and it only has what I need. For years now I told people to shush when they still have three duplicates of an invite I canceled multiple times. Ah, it’s always been the price I (and they) pay for simplicity. But I was still anxious to check. After all that waiting, iCal has a revert button! Oh, my, goodness. It doesn’t always work, but I have only had to send one update I didn’t want to so far.

I think my biggest pet peeve is Spotlight. People do conform to bad design choices, including me, but this one keeps coming back to haunt me. I can’t find anything in Spotlight, a.k.a “my best friend”. The previous functionality is still there and they build the new stuff onto it. How do I know? Because the files I want always blink up on top when I get a search return (but too quickly, so that I can’t click on it), before it’s crushed down by the information architecture Apple has imposed on Lion. Crazy IA and some cool frou-frou functionality get in the way of getting work done.

Another big one for me is the “pinch” on Finder and Desktop. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, and I deal with lots of files, which I tend to dump onto my desktop and eventually drag somewhere. The way I make sense of my mess is by knowing the time around which I got a file, and what the file looked like. Workflow has always been: search for file extent or name, or go to desktop or folder. Pinch to Zoom. Find. I can’t do that now. Neither can I organize by Modified Date.

This is the first time I need to revise how I do things because the software doesn’t get how I do it. I don’t think it’s fair. Some might say I’m a spoiled brat. Don’t care. I say I just avoid bad design altogether. Design needs to work for people and not the other way around. Am I the only one missing the Desktop and Finder’s “pinch”? Am I the only one not in heaven with the new Lion? Is the raving coming from people that use Mac for leisure, or they are new to it, so they just don’t know any better?


This is a guest post by a designer, who asked to remain anonymous. The designer is running 200 miles an hour designing the best digital experiences; leading function and form for an enterprise software based in Washington, DC. Striving everyday to make magical products and experiences.

Editor’s Note: This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of reader submitted editorials. Got a rant or opinion to get off your chest? Cult of Mac might be interested in publishing you. If your opinion is smart and you can string a word or two together, get in touch with us!

  • Brandon M

    Smells like something Browniee would write…

    Word-less in this stupid post.

  • ablalock

    Its awesome…get over it.

  • Friends of Mac

    Some people are just NOT early adopters. Yes, there are differences from Snow Leopard. But in all reality it’s basically the same OS sprinkled with some iOS.


  • GregsTechBlog

    I guess everything can’t be for everyone. 
    I love Lion. 
    As do most people who have downloaded it, if the 4.5 star rating in the Mac App Store is any indicator. 

  • axet

    mac is shit because it more and more isolated from user and developers. and become more part of buisnnes logic.

    so, i disagree with most of your conclusions but… fuck you lion!

  • Howie Isaacks

    Do you proof read BEFORE you post your articles?  You made a lot of spelling mistakes.  That being said, you make a few valid points.  If you hate Lion so much, why not go back to Snow Leopard?

  • oldandintheway

    i do like mail, it works like the iPad. the rest of the stuff i’m still trying to turn off. i got lion with a new computer so i don’t have a choice. and with launch pad why do i still need the dock.

  • Steven Smith

    I don’t use any of those features, but overall, java development and functionality I need is flawless and I noticed better battery.

  • ctt1wbw

    And just another post of why half of Apple users are satisfied and the other half bitch incessantly about every Apple release.  Every one.  Half of the children are never ever satisfied.

  • AdamFC

    Mail, for one, was an awful app before Lion and has improved by leaps and bounds in Lion. You can easily revert it to look like previous version with a couple or preference options. How about looking for solutions before “turning into a ranting bitch.”

  • Stephen Weppler

    People complain when not enough changes and they go ape shit when they change to much, theres always Windows, have fun with that.

  • Seif El Shinnawy

    I agree. This is the end of apple’s peek .. I think with both laptops AND phones. Google is the next apple. Google’s chance is to get the Chrome OS right.

  • TechTeich

    Finally someone got something right….ish. Apple is moving away from the pro market and in to the consumer one, so where will all the pros go?

  • Phil Menger

    Well I sympathize but must say I love Lion as well.  But then I am not a designer so I have no idea what problems you speak of. My mail works fine and meshes wonderfully with my gmail account.  I never use iCal since I use the google calendar.  I have no idea what spotlight is. Nor what you are trying to pinch.  Now if you had followed the easy three step process which included updating your system before installing, and then backing up or ghosting your previous system and are not satisfied you should just restore your Mac to it’s previous config from your backup.  I am not sure what version of Mac you have either.  I can ensure you if you tried to install a new windows update on a PC you would have many many many more nightmares.  Whenever MS came out with a new OS I just bought a new computer.  I was nervous about Lion but it was smooth as glass.  I was elated how easy it was.  Soooo if you don’t like it then just go back to your old config presuming you did backup….you did backup didn’t you???? hmmmm????

  • AlterThending

    The problem I have the most with it zoom the damn thing zooms in on everything while using the magic mouse. Yes, cool feature but I don’t need a zoom war started!

  • GH

    Wow.  I see you are lacking with some brain cells.

  • Phil Menger

    hmmmmm i will have to try my magic mouse and see whats up

  • Phil Menger

    Oh THAT spotlight. sorry.  Mine works dandy.

  • krknobel

    Launchpad: I tried to use it and like it since it was suppose to be like the iPad. Only to find that because of this feature I lost functionality in Finder, as I like to use many folders to organize my applications and had a specific folder for Apple software but I can not do this anymore and Finder is a mess to my eyes. Back to Launchpad, since it wants to show my all my applications as Apple thinks they should be, it was quite cumbersome to edit and delete all of my Launchpad icons to just the way I liked. Then, after a reboot, all of the applications had returned and no longer the way I had worked so hard to setup. Now Launchpad has lost its place on my Dock and I will never ever use it. And I’m still upset about Finder.

  • Chris Camps

    Well at least in Lion Apple managed to implement a decent file sorting system in Finder. 

    Seriously, before files were shown messed up and folders were hierarchicaly ranked under loose files. Absolutely adore my Mac, but that’s the one thing Windows Explorer was more logical at. And in Snow Leopard I had to dig deep into some system files to solve that problem to get my folders shown on top of the lists and the loose file under it.Point being: everybody always has to compromise in workflow. No OS is perfect for everyone. Not Tiger, not Leopard, not Snow Leopard, not Lion.

  • Corbin Fawver

    why phones?

  • Corbin Fawver

    i love lion the only problem i had is flash player being weird and how finder doesn’t show “library” but your how-to video helped a lot

  • aceontech

    Fix this article’s spelling and grammar, and I agree with you ;-).

  • Håkon Dahl-Olsen

    As long as the terminal is still around I’ll live with any fancy shmock shit they do with the gui… :-)

  • Akula971

    I use my Macs in my business, my business is my sole source of income. I bought Lion, put it on a spare disk in the Mac Pro. It now collects dust. There is too much that impedes productivity. I spent a day trying to get it to do what I want, and what Snow Leopard does now. It all just reminded me of Windows, so I didn’t migrate the rest of my machines to it. Lion for me is a bastard in the true sense of the word, it does not know who its father is, but its mother is, well best known for appearances on limited phones and tablets. Each iteration of OS X got better until now. There are people for who Lion has had no effect, like my brother who uses an IMac for “casual” computing, web browsing, photos, music, etc. Good for them.

    The bean counters and marketing men now rule in Apple, replacing the ergonomics designers and engineers as powerful influences. As Apple get more market share, they are following in the footsteps of MS. Screw you, take it or leave it. Well you got my dosh for Lion, but I’m not using it. I have to work to put food on my table, and Lion will see me starve. So yes Fuck you Lion.

  • Chris Camps

    Yeah… the use of Launchpad isn’t clear to me either… I have my application folder in my dock like I always had and as far as I can see it works pretty similar…

    So same for me… I threw Launchpad out the dock.

  • Sean Crane

    lol…i’d probably find a major league spell checker and at least take a look at a blog post for grammatical errors before i put one out there complaining about technical issues with an OS…and i also echo what others have said, if it’s that big of a deal, use snow leopard.

  • Eat Sleep Mac

    The glass isn’t always half empty, unravel your panties out of that bunch, use it for a couple more weeks, then come back and see if your opinion has changed. I found many features hard to get used to at first, but I stuck with them and now I can’t imagine going back. For example, I was a hefty user of spaces in SL and I was totally against the new set up in Lion. But, after using it the past few weeks, I’ve grown to love the new Mission control desktop system they have. My advice is to go into Lion with an open mind because the grass can be greener if you let it grow..

  • Akula971

    Linux or Windows? I’ve even been tempted by Windows 7 recently. Way to go Lion!

  • stonevil

    Cheap way to self-promotion. Just blame at the Apple.

  • So sick of it

    Ranting bitches can suck balls.  That’s all they’re really good for, anyway.

  • Lawrence Barton

    I paid $22.85 for an iPhone 4-32GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $674 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, CentHub.com

  • gregbraddock

    he should have probably turned on Lion’s ultra-cool “auto-correct” feature. :)

  • Michael Carnell

    Bad spelling, bad grammar, bad proofreading. All together go to make us think less of your opinion. There are some valid points, but the way the article is written makes me think your are too lazy to pay attention to the system. Sorry, but the medium often is the message.

  • gregbraddock

    the only thing i miss has to do with finder: before, in snow leopard, i could use a 2 finger swipe to go to the previous finder window if i was flipping through. That seems to have been lost in Lion. :(

  • ?NLiNR

    Lion is awesome. Still some bugs, but in general it’s great OS. I’ve never used mail.app in os x, but Lion is the first os that made me throw in the trash all mail clients like sparrow, postbox etc…cause mail.app in Lion is amazing, and at last with great design
    Instead of being ranting bitch, why not go back to SL?

  • getjoel

    I have two questions about Lion.  One..  I love the look of launch pad.. but I don’t get it.  Why is it just apps..which on a computer isn’t nearly the same experience as an iPad.  So you don’t have nearly has many of them that you use every day.. and is it me or is it more of a process to gestures for your apps, gesture to the right page, and then click on your app.. as opposed to just putting it in the dock one click away?  That baffles me.  I guess if you have 25 pages of apps you wouldn’t be able to fit them in the dock and that’s where they’re going.. but that’s the only thing I can think of that would make it more convenient.  Second.. Multiple desktops would be much cooler if they were actually connected to the folders on the desktop itself and then wallpaper.  Then you could have one desktop for personal with your family on the wallpaper with directories that have to do with personal, and you could have a different desktop for business with a different wallpaper and different directories that have to do with your business..  etc…etc..   right now it’s just a space saver for open windows..  but the process to get to the third or fourth desktop to find the program you’re looking for is actually more clicks then just collapsing the window and re-opening it.    So I too was very excited about this product.. but have been severely let down as of yet.  I’m completely open to suggestions and hope that I’m missing something.. because I do love change when it’s for the better.

  • Joshua Davis

    This is a blog, not a professional news site. you should expect it.

  • Joshua Davis

    Bull shit, GTFO.

  • WorldsHotCake

    Make your Windows 7 like Mac OS X [Download] http://bit.ly/pBelfK

  • James Sumners

    No, this is unreadable garbage. I really can’t tell if the author had any valid complaints because the writing is so horrible that it is impossible to follow. There is no excuse for bad editing.

  • fortninety

    Dear Cult of Mac: hire this guy. This is seriously the most honest, truthful thing I have seen written about Lion from any major Mac website.

    Though the fact that so many comments have the hopeless Apple zombies, with the “get over it or get Windows” stance, is perhaps proof that such a move would kill off a good deal of readership.

    Anyway, you’ll all have to excuse me; my Lion boot disk is finally ready (the fact that I had to make one is pretty laughable… example #45,323 that, if MS had forced its users to do the same thing, all you folks would have pitchforks and flames) and can finally go ahead and do a clean install in hopes of fixing the 50 or so bugs that I apparently seem to be the only person in the world to have.

  • John Woertman

    I too think Lion sucks. I spent many hours on turning it in to Snow Leopard. Switching back to SL isn’t really an option, I think. Apple will stop supporting it and many new applications will require Lion. 

  • theoPhobia

    From one UX designer to another, yes, you do bitch too much, and folks like you give the field a bad name by ranting like this. Provide something useful and based on some human factors principle, not just a rant about your own personal preferences and gripes. 

  • Tice

    Jep, brain-candy is the right word. I have no iPhone and that´s only because of the restrictions in buyin/getting new apps for that device. I really like the technic, but I think it´s a big mistake to addopt the OS into the OS X.

    Lion seems to try hardly to go deep into the iOS, but after all it doesn´t work for me. I still use Snow Leopard (even if I had the dev preview for some time on my other partition. Couldn´t get warm with “try to be a touch screen”-feeling.

  • AdamFC


  • Ryan

    “My first reaction to Mail was WTF–it seems like Apple butchered their Mail designer and had only engineers responsible for the function and for of that thing. It does works, sometimes, and has more features than anyone would want and they necessarily don’t go together. And most basic functionality are clicks away.”

    I’m no grammar Nazi, but this is unreadable. I expect better quality from CoM.

  • dcj001

    Lil is just having a tough time “comforming” to the new environment.

  • tekunoloji

    I hate OS X Lion just as much. But I bought a new 13″ 1.8GHz MBA and I love the speed of it as well as its design. It’s the best computer I’ve ever used. If only it could install OS X Snow Leopard, I’d be set.

  • Barton Lynch

    lern 2 sp3k engl1sh

  • Zack Pyle

    I don’t have lion, but what about 3 finger swipe?

  • Mark Hughes

    I can read it fine, maybe your eyes need checking? 

  • MacBore

    I feel your pain. Every time my display wakens from sleep, Airport forgets which network to connect to and my pointer becomes invisible!

  • William Lockie

    this is a terrible post. please no more reader input if this is going to be the quality. as an editor you should at least check the quality of the content. the spelling and proof reading is terrible. shame on you cult of mac.

  • Billy Underhill

    The amount of typo’s makes this “blog” almost unreadable!

  • Martin Topinka

    Reading through the comments here I conclude that it’s very risky to criticise anything from Apple because the fanatics will attack you immediately with irrelevant remarks about switching to Windows or grammar typos… It seems to me that Apple is turning away from pro users preferring the users who actually wouldn’t need a computer and could be happy just with the iPad (no offense). I believe that the trend of assimilating OSX to look and feel like on the iOS pushes the computers 10 years back. Seriously, to present inverse scrolling as the OS highlight is also weird. I hope Apple listens to their users carefully and will go back to Macs even more…

  • DoTheDeeu

    Can I have some of your weed pleeeassseee ?

  • wayzom

    Chrome OS, that’s cute.

  • Ronald Epstein

    I don’t quite understand or relate to this article whatsoever.  Lion is a huge step up from Snow Leopard and I am happily enjoying it.  MAIL was the one thing that Apple had ignored for years and years.  I am tremendously happy that it finally got the makeover it deserved.  I really think you are in the minority with these opinions regarding Lion

  • AnupR

    Was this article written by my 8th grade sister ?

  • Tortellino

    Yes, I heartily agree, this new OS is a disaster with largely cosmetic improvements and many drawbacks. My main issue was with the new address book. I have just restored SL and abandoned Lion as I could not stand the new address book being a heavy user of the three pane functionality. There is no way of restoring it in Lion. It is really puzzling to see how Apple managed to make the already worse application in Mac even more abysmal. 
    In address book I would be looking to resolve these issues – there is a substantial worsening of tools in this new version of the app:
    1- Revert to original 3 pane view (was available in SL)
    2-Allow creation of new contacts directly in a group (was available in SL)
    3- Restore the counter present for every folder to give number of entries in a given group (now you have to scroll to the bottom of the group to see it) (was available in SL)
    4- Restore the icon to distinguish entries between company/person (was available in SL)
    5- Possibility of removing of alphabetical letter grouping of entries
    6- Option to change leather skin (revert to SL clean look)
    7-When you check to see what groups a contact belongs to (by hitting the Option key while the contact is selected), the groups used to be clearly highlighted in bright yellow in OSX 10.6, but now the font just slightly changes colour from black to dark blue.

    and desirable improvements:

    8-Allow font selection to facilitate reading and page display and reduce waste of space (was not available in SL)
    9-Option to display contacts in table view for quick bulk editing (was not available in SL)
    10-Show which (smart) group each contact belongs to on the contact’s page (was not available in SL)
    11-Facilitate the creation of a new contact from the same company (i.e a colleague) without having to copy across most details (was not available in SL)
    12-The find duplicates function is as bad as it was–no chance to see the duplicates and choose which to keep or whether to combine.

    It really seems they have given over the app to develop to some kids that could not think of anything better than making a book view. The long awaited table view for quick editing is still missing. And no serious apps to compensate for this in the app store, address book is a real disaster with Lion.

  • luxivore

    I think the writer might have some points but this is such a badly written article in terms of the English, the spelling, the grammar, in fact, it’s one of the worst I have ever seen. Are you a designer because you can’t write properly??  I haven’t checked into CoM for a while because I thought that the quality of the articles was decreasing. Now this – it’s plummeting!  Half literate articles make both the writer and the site look like unprofessional half-wits. Don’t do it.

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Personally, I don’t use or really see the point of launchpad, but otherwise I love the new UI aspects introduced in Lion. They may need some more features added to them, but on the whole Lion is a very solid update. I find that I now run everything fullscreen and switch between screens by swiping. The trackpad is king when it comes to navigation in Lion and I imagine as a designer you are using only a mouse, perhaps this is your issue? However to be perfectly frank, I can’t really understand what your problem is because I can’t understand what your wrote. What a mess!

  • dale2000

    And the message is quickly becoming “Even though Cult of Mac’s standards are sewer-low, they still make money because people still click through to their articles.”

    I don’t approve of their lack of interest to maintain a high(er) bar, but I’m quickly starting to look elsewhere for regular Apple news.  There’s always MacRumors…

  • Hubert Kunnemeyer

    Does anyone remember so many people complaining about an Apple product ever before? I think it’s time for people to realize that “Steve” is no longer able to run Apple like he used to. Lion, supposedly a major release for Apple, would have never left Apple in it’s current condition. If your as disappointed as I am with Lion then you better prepare yourself for more disappointments in the future. Things will only get worse from here. That being said, nothing stays the same forever. But I don’t think I would be buying anymore Apple stock. In a few years we’ll al be saying, “Hey, man do you remember how it used to be when Apple was awesome.”….

  • bizsumpark182

    Except for not being able to install XP with Bootcamp I’ve been pretty happy. iCal has worked fine for me, I’ve been using Sparrow for a few months now so I don’t have any comments on Mail and the gestures have been easy to get used to.

  • Lawrence Barton

    I paid $22.85 for an iPhone 4-32GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $674 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, CentHub.com

  • Diego Carvalho

    Apple used to design gorgeous products, but its teams are working hard to transform it into a M$. I’ve dropped my iPhone since they decided that I cannot use cheap TV-out cables. Then, they decided that my MobileMe subscription should be trashed after 2 years. Now, they try to push down our throat this new cat… It seems that they a working hard to become into a new M$.

  • dale2000


    Isolated from users and developers? What the hell do you mean by that?  Maybe you missed it, but the App Store has been a pretty big success.  I doubt that’s because they’re ‘isolating’ developers… probably the opposite, actually.

    And business logic?  I think you’re saying that like it’s a bad thing.  You must be a Linux advocate.  Either that or you’re unaware of the fact that Bill Gates is the 2nd most wealthy man in the world.  That MIGHT have something to do with his logical, business like personality.

  • Stephen Cook

    You sure it was OS X Lion that did that to you?

  • jaathan

    You mad bro? 

  • Dave Bush

    Typical troll.  Notice the she/he has not responded?  

  • dale2000

    I’m all for venting, but… disaster?  Really?  I updated to Lion with no troubles.  The titanic was a disaster because even the people who got off with least damages were stranded in the middle of an ocean holding on to their life preservers.   I do feel awful that you have to make 3 extra clicks to add your contacts to a group, and if there was some way to start a relief fund for you, I’d definitely contribute something (maybe more sarcasm).

  • dale2000

    Did you ask her?  I’m curious of the answer.

  • vonchambers

    I tend not to care about mis-spellings and grammar errors as I make them myself, but my god. This is incredibly bad; please proof read in the future. 

  • RichardWitheney

    I just paiid $ 22.89 for an iP a d 2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 657 which only cost me $ 62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://bit.ly/qhZHAc

  • Tortellino

    I enjoyed the sarcasm but the point remains the same, whatever words one chooses to express the disappointment. dale2000 is clearly not a heavy user of the address book. I have documented the reasons of my deep dislike of the new app. No valid alternatives are available in the app store – Apple has removed functionalities with no logic whatsoever. I read this is true for iCal as well (though I am not a heavy user of that myself).

  • cr

    Change is hard for some. Others love to adapt. Going to be hard for the arthur when he gets into his latter years.

  • Peter L Borst

    I am 61, use my MacBook Pro for work, both my day job as a researcher asst. and my sideline as a paid writer. Lion fixed a lot of things that griped me, so I am real happy with it. I took a little getting used to the reversed scrolling (one day). Launch Pad is a little goofy to set up, but now that it is, it’s perfect. I used launch pads of various types since the early 1990s. 

  • atimoshenko

    I do remember so many people complaining about an Apple product before. OSX when it first came out, for instance. People always complain when something they are used to undergoes some major changes – it’s just the way the human brain is wired.

    In principle, the only fair way to test the superiority of a newer design over an older one is not to ask an expert with latter, but to ask someone who is completely new to both designs to compare.

  • Joe Reece

    you sir are an idiot. 

  • Anipz Raymond

    mac always > windows…

    lion is new, whole lots of new things coming soon…

    chill-lah bro !

  • Joe Reece

    it has been switched to 3 but you can enable 2 or 3 finger swipe in system preference under trackpad

  • Joe Reece

    its okay to not like a few things because you have terrible opinions, but seriously Mail is the best improvement in Lion second to those oh so handy features known as auto-correct and spell check. I almost want to say this post is fake because if she actually used Lion she would have come across as much more intelligent.

  • Abdulrahman J W

    i’m 21 years old and i find lion to be ANNOYING !!! safari is driving me mad !!!

  • ChRiSmAc

    I agree with James.  I can’t follow half of what the author saying.  It’s frenetic, filled with grammatical and spelling errors, and gave me a headache trying to read.

  • ChRiSmAc

    I upgraded to Lion and immediately noticed my mail search was broken.  There are complaints about mail search all over the forums.   I would type in search terms for emails I knew I had somewhere in my inbox, but they would not show up in the search results.   I literally had to go through each and every mailbox and click rebuild before the search would show all the correct results.

    *Besides* that, I like the new look and feel to the mail app……I just wish my introduction to it hadn’t been so rocky.

  • Jindrich Knejfl

    This is damn right, because the mass of the ppl will make Apple the profit. Not high end professional customers. I hated windows for having problems, but since i got lion my MBP13in crashes a lot. (Spring 2010) I know that my laptop isn’t the newest but i feel like it should be fine. When i had a SnowLepard everything was working good. I swear i never had a crash on my lap top. I think that Lion looks better but crashes a lot. 

    I am also not a big computer guy. Most of my work on the computer is surfing the web, writing papers for collage in MS Word, n listen to music on iTunes. So i can see that ppl who actually have to deal more with finder etc. can get confused. 

    My spotlight kinda sucks too.

    Today i was actually thinking about it, that Apple is trying to hard to see quickly everything in almost a same period of time. Think about it. They had to deal with Lion, iOS 5, iCloud, rumored iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen possibly iPad. Just think how hard that have to be to keep this wast company together and come up with something what will work as one. Without Steve. 

    My last thoughts. I think that they will come up with iPod touch 5 gen 3g. Because when u think about it, everything is gonna be in the “cloud”. So if we have an iPad n iPad 2 wifi n 3g we can do also iPod touch. Then we would see how many ppl would buy iPod touch if of course they would keep the same price range. 

    P.S. sorry for my english. English isn’t my first language. Im from Czech Republic n your name sound Czech, thats why i posted.

  • ChRiSmAc

    Please separate the spelling and grammar criticisms from Apple fans attacking the message.  I personally got a headache trying to read this terrible article.   However, I’m not in love with everything Apple has done here.   I agree with you that trying to turn OS X into iOS pushes the computer back.   I have written similar comments on other articles.   iOS worked because it was designed from the ground up for touch interface on a small screen with limited memory and power.   To graft that onto a desktop machine with a 24″ screen and gigabytes of memory is to me a very microsoft type of move.  Like how Microsoft just assumed that just putting the same Windows interface onto tablet devices would be ok.   The Windows interface wasn’t designed for touch screens.

    Full screen apps, for that one app at a time feel……might as well go back to DOS!   Having multiple windows open in a multitasking environment was the benefit of increased screen real-estate and computing power and great GUI/OS development.

  • caix prosapia

    Akula971, other than the f*** you lion comment from before, I’m not what you would call happy about this upgrade/downgrade either. I am having issues with a few programs since upgrading. Aperture is sluggish and sometimes non-responsive. I’ve had a few problems here and there with Aperture, but this takes the cake. I have to admit, as a working photographer Windows 7 is looking much more inviting!! I’ve been using macs for over 20 years and this is not a great situation to be in. At the end of the day I need a machine to work quickly without hassle. I’m not due for a new laptop for 6 months, looks as though it’ll be a long 6 months! Not a nice position to be in, but it I will weigh up the options and make a decision. Overall I can see the attraction to the new OS, but using it for graphics based programs so far has been dreadful. Ten years ago I would have laughed at someone if they’d said that to me.

  • ChRiSmAc

    What makes him an idiot?  Because he agrees that Lion isn’t perfect?   I think it’s terrible that Apple didn’t build in an easy way for any end user to make a physical boot disk/usb stick from the Lion download.   That if they ever, EVER, need to reinstall, they have to be somewhere where there is internet access and wait for Lion to download all over again.

    Signing into the Apple store, to “verify” that you are licensed to install it.   I can’t help but feeling like everything I’ve loved about Apple for the last 4 years is going away, and they’re jumping on the Microsoft bandwagon of product activation.

    I’ve always been so excited for every OS X update and have always felt each version was an improvement…..until Lion.   Some things are great, I like autosave, and versions, and mission control.   However there are bugs.   And there are some features I don’t like.  The “all my files” view in Finder I think is useless.  I’ve turned it off.   The removal of all color from the interface to just bland gray-ness.  The increased size of the icon/text in the finder/sidebar.   I realize these are all user customizable settings…..and I’ve changed them all to be more suitable.   It’s just for the first time, I’m not entirely enthusiastic about Apple’s new direction.

  • adambadam

    I wish iCal had the mini calendar in the corner to quickly jump around dates.

  • creyesu

    I agree. Very buggy OS, no optimization features. A lot of wrong or missed usability concepts. 
    Remember that Bertrand Serlet leaves the company on March. This OSX version is a bastard without a father. 

  • Brandon

    Lion works great here! NOT one issue.

  • prof_peabody

    You are 100% correct that Lion has turned you into a “ranting bitch.”  There isn’t a single pice of actual information in this entire article besides your emotional state and the fact that you don’t like Lion.  Next time, try telling us *why* you don’t like it or exactly *how* it sucks.  That might be an article worth reading.  

    Edit: to be clear, I don’t agree with everyone else lower down that it’s poorly written, just that it has little to no information content. I actually like the style it’s written in.

  • Corbin Fawver

    or if you have an iMac partition snow leopard and lion.

  • Corbin Fawver

    u suck lion is the best OS out there.

  • Corbin Fawver

    windows sucks

  • LyndellKell

    Ok we get it there were spelling errors can we just get over it and get back to what he said… which happens to be crap, it sounds like your brain is just to old or too dumb to understand new consepts and designs of a post PC world. They do this because they are combining iOS and Mac OSX. This new software is beautiful, and revolutionary. 

  • Robert Pruitt

    This is a bad article for a few reasons but here is the main one.  You are not Gizmodo, please don’t try to be by using shock headlines and swearing in your posts.  It just doesn’t fit you guys. Besides, Gizmodo pisses me off about every other time I venture to go there.  I don’t need that here too.  Keep your heads and identity. 

  • prof_peabody

    Anyone who is spending time making Lion look like Snow Leopard at this early of a stage is just close-minded.  You couldn’t possibly have spent enough time working with the new features to rationally decide if they are better that way or whether they should be reverted.  Why the f*ck did you buy it in the first place if you are going to revert everything to the Snow Leopard way?  

    What an idiotic thing to do (and to brag about no less).  

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    Apple is yr “cool cousin”?

    That killed your rant flat.
    Remember WE are all righteus. 

  • prof_peabody

    learn to speak/write english you foul mouthed goon.

  • Biotechnology2020

    Awesome article for a six year old.

  • prof_peabody

    “My Lion boot disk is *finally* ready …”  WTF?  

    How long does it take you to burn a disk genius?  What’s to make “ready?”  You drag the  disk image out of the installer and burn it.  It takes just as long as it takes to burn a disk. No more no less.  

  • prof_peabody

    The one mistake the author didn’t make (but you did), is overuse of hyperbole.  :)

  • fortninety

    Seriously, that’s the best you could do Joe? lol

  • fortninety

    I was referring to Lion DiskMaker app…


    … Not sure if the method you speak of actually works. Not that it really matters to you. Also, I didn’t realize I had to explain every little thing, but a professor should also know better as well.

  • MichaelTheGeek


  • sonicdeviant

    …better yet…simply don’t upgrade or install until the next update.  Never do version xx.0 of anything.  Those having trouble right now are, more or less, free beta testers for Apple.

  • mambaman

    Sorry mate: am loving Lion though there are a couple of issues with 3rd parties like Java Applet..love new iCal and love new mail

  • Sam Donner

    I love my Lisa.

  • hisamueltan

    The main problems I have right after the upgrade was the rebooting time and battery life of my MBP C2D 2010.  

  • Hoser Man

    I purchase a new MB Air that allowed me to work with Lion BEFORE deciding to upgrade my three other Mac’s. As of right now, I will not upgrade. My biggest Painintheass is migrating all my files from my old MB to the new MB. I did not want to move everything so I ended up reloading the programs and moving over files manually. I still have not moved over my iTunes or iPhoto files not wanting to clutter up my new “hard drive.” As far as the MB Air is concerned, it is a powerhouse. Lion is really a pain especially using Launchpad. I really like DragThing for launching and keeping my necessary files close by. Launchpad does not offer launching of individual files/documents like Drag Thing does. I’m not missing my Rosetta Apps like I thought I would, I replaced Quicken (they really suck) with iBank and am glad I did. I don’t miss Microsoft Office 2007 either. Won’t buy the new version. All in all, I wish that Snow Leopard was an option with my new Air, but I guess I’ll have to try to work with it and get a new work flow going.

  • Lucas Allmon

    As a professional who also uses Macs in my business, I haven’t had an ounce of trouble getting used to all the new stuff, and it only took a couple of hours figuring out what UI and functionality have changed. Most of it is for the better.

    If you were truly the productive genius you are claiming to be, you wouldn’t have even noticed, because all the keyboard shortcuts are the same.

    Lion is worth it for Auto Save and Versions alone, two things that will skyrocket your productivity if you use them. But often you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Is that the dogs fault or the owner?

  • Adam

    Every article I’ve read from this site recently has been RIDDLED with grammar and spelling mistakes.  Even Leander’s articles!  It’s getting really old and annoying, and it makes it very hard to take anything they say seriously. 

  • Lucas Allmon

    Oh god, just do it then. Are you really threatening to switch OSes on the comments section of a blog? You won’t be missed.

    I’ll trade you a sweet Dell laptop for your mac.

  • Kevin Daniels

    I was laid off in 2008, that being said. I have been an Apple fan since 1997. I was given Lion as a gift read though the Apple website about Lion. I run Logic 8 to help me de-stress and to take my mind off of being unemployed. I tried to open Logic 8 and found that it is not compatible with Lion. Nowhere on the Apple website states that. I just got off the phone with Apple and that said either upgrade Logic or I’m SOL.


     open /Applications/Logic\ Express.app/Contents/MacOS/Logic\ Express This is the command to enter into terminal to get Logic 8 to work in Lion. Apple disabled it so you would would have to upgrade to the latest version of Logic.Great way to do business with you customers .

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira


  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    Truth as with my wife’s Macbook Pro.

  • winski

    The prob with installing Snow Leopard on your new MBA-NO ICLOUD….. Ever…. That’s the reverse of the problem I and MILLIONS of other Mac users have…. We can’t upgrade…. NO ICLOUD.. And, in my case ( and millions of others ) when MobilMe bites the dust, so does everything we’ve sync’d over the years to our other machines…. We’re SCREWED…..

  • Dilbert A

    I liked it. Didn’t agree with it, but I liked the style of writing. I reads like your having a conversation with the author. 

    O, and the graphic is awesome.

  • Dilbert A


  • Dilbert A

    Holy shit! No way!

  • Anthony Perri

    I’m not sure I understand what the desktop ‘pinch’ is…If you’re talking about being able to zoom in…I can still do that, maybe you need to check your settings. Not being able to sort my date modified is news to me. I’ve never really used it. Seems like a silly omission, sure.

    That said, you use the fact that you’re a ‘multidisciplinary designer’ as an excuse to be disorganized and blame Apple? Save files to a folder when you download them, it’s just good practice, especially in your field. 

    It was nice to see you sort of stop ranting in the middle to tell us how they made a single improvement to iCal. 
    This post wasn’t exactly well written…Surprised it was published, fan submitted or not…

  • Dilbert A

    Oh snap!

  • Biotechnology2020

    The real question is why isn’t she in the kitchen cooking

  • Dilbert A

    A measured, reasoned response? 


    How dare you sir.

  • Dilbert A

    I know, right?

  • MichaelTheGeek

    Thanks for the Logic tip.

  • Morialkar

    at least, you took time to go through it before saying it sucks, and you made yourself a real opinion of it, not just the “I don’t like it, it’s not the same way it was” way most people on the Internet seems to be taking, or maybe it is only blog writers…

  • Dilbert A

    Don’t listen to him caix. 

    I’ve got an even sweeter HP laptop I’d trade you, and the reg is only partially corrupted.

  • lsla79
  • fortninety

    I agree with every point. Lion simply flat out feels like Windows, especially with how the Library folder has been made invisible. It’s this lack of trust or confidence in its users that I found fairly perplexing, and even disturbing to a certain extent.

    BTW, regarding the size of the icons in the sidebar, go to System Preferences and then choose General. You will find an option to change the sidebar icon size. That should do the trick.

    And yeah, I have absolutely no idea what the hell All My Files is supposed to. It’s both unusable AND slows my Mac at least down.

  • Michael Fullerton

    Y’know … it seems like we always go thru this happy crap every time Apple changes something. What comes to mind is the whining when the Happy Mac went away at startup. Sweet Jesus, people, change happens. You are a Mac user … open your mind .. try something different. Sheesh …

  • djrobsd

    Wow, I always questioned the credibility of this site, but now it’s all becoming clear.  Who approved publishing this article?  It makes no sense, lots of spelling and gramatical errors, etc.

    I don’t even see any real stuff here that would be a show stopper for using Lion.  Most of it you can fix through some settings changes or hacks.  

    I agree with you the date modified thing is very confusing.  You can STILL sort by date modified, but now instead of stamping the file with the date you saved it on your computer, it seems to stamp it with the actual date it was modified by the original author and it does make it difficult to find files that I just saved in my downloads folder.  I’m sure there is a hack for those.

  • Dilbert A

    Eye lykim,

  • Dilbert A

    Agreed about Giz, most of the time, but the graphic and headline is funny as shit.

  • Dilbert A

    He mad.

  • Dilbert A


  • Dimitri T

    looks like you misspelled your name there broheim

  • Dilbert A

    I have the same issues, but I’m loving it despite these short comings.

  • Dilbert A

    OH, THE PAIN!!!

  • JustJaco

    Forget about the points she was trying to make, which are non-points. Stop bitching about Lion. If you don’t like it go back to Snow Leopard, or get a PC. Awful English, awful grammar. If you’re going to guest post, proofread please. People do notice and it takes away from your authority.

  • JustJaco

    All she keeps saying is ‘I’m a designer, I’m a designer ….’ please ….spare us.

  • Alex Ray

    The only ONLY issue I have with lion is the fact that you can’t drag a song from iTunes to your desktop anymore.  Drag and drop got weird all of a sudden and I have no idea how to make it behave.  Is anyone else having problems doing this? (already repaired permissions)

  • MichaelTheGeek

    Lot of people have this issue. CheckAapple forums.

  • Allan Cook

    OK, so it’s not the most brilliantly written piece in the history of the interwebs, but her point is still a good one. Really, how is Lion such a huge improvement over SL? Launchpad? Who the hell needs it? Mission control? The gesture is all I need. It would be nice to have a stable wi-fi connection, my former battery life and a reasonably cool computer. And an address book and calendar that look as though they are on a 21st-century computer, not my grandfather’s desk. I think Apple needs to return to first principles in the next iteration of Lion: Get rid of the silly bells and whistles duplicating solutions that already exist– I have an applications folder, why do I need Launchpad? — and perfect the solutions that most people use most of the time. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done.

  • Alex Ray

    Thanks.  I’ll do that.

  • Ashton Wallton

    I just paiid $ 22.89 for an iP a d 2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 657 which only cost me $ 62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://bit.ly/qhZHAc

  • Vale Noticias SC

    Macbook white whit 2gb memory. SLOWWWWWWWWWWW, but GOOOOOOOOOOOD

  • robgilgan

    Well, for starters, it’s a rant and identified as one in the title. Secondly, Lil’s a girl. That seemed to get past a lot of people picking her post apart – the kind of detail you wouldn’t think they’d miss. Third, whether we appreciate it or not, she has issues with some of the changes. I respectfully disagree with a couple of them (I like the revised Mail). My workflow is different than hers in that I gave up the ‘mess up your desktop, fight with it for a month, dump it in a folder and start over’ methodology a while ago and bought Default Folder X. Still haven’t figured out why Apple hasn’t pirated that wonderful file handling utility.
    I’m an early adopter. I expect and feel I deserve, to some measure, the humps and bumps – all part of being early. When I was looking at Lion, I thought LaunchPad was something I’d never use, with all the apps I have. Turns out I like it and have gotten super-quick with it.
    This is a fast OS. The only item I’ve found that’s a problem is the fact that i can’t set preferences in Flash Player. So – when I’m online and want to choose a better web cam and microphone, I have to use the MBP. I hope that gets fixed eventually.
    And on the issue of grammar and proof-reading…everything you say online is out there and it’s attached to you. If you don’t mind coming off as half-assed and illiterate, then by all means, pretend it doesn’t matter. Of course, if you’re already hiding behind an alias, your credibility has already been discounted by 85%, so stumble on.

  • Spencer Ponce

    Lil, it sounds like you have difficulty with organization to begin with, and relied on arbitrary file data to keep track of things (that is if I’m understanding you correctly; that was more than a little hard to follow through some parts :/) It’s always a pain to learn a new way to organize, but once you get it down you’ll be back to your previous level of in-between-the-design-stuff productivity.  As for the new iCal, one word: gross. Check out this tutorial to change it back! http://bit.ly/nfGSlo

    Side not: Editors, jeez guys this is not good writing, period. I know you’re a blog, but I respect a lot of your writers and they do good work. This does not reflect well on those efforts. I like the idea of a weekly reader editorial, but just because someone has good cred in one field (design)  doesn’t mean they’ll do well in another (writing) I know you know this, but still. Anyway,iIf you want a great example of a proper OS X Lion rant, check out Jesus Diaz’s on Gizmodo. It’s actually intelligible.

  • pjs_boston

    This article is nonsense. I wasn’t able to discern a single item of useful information concerning Lion’s purported flaws. Is this an irrational rant driven by the hatred of unfamiliar button shapes and screen animations or is it raw unfiltered click bait? I can’t quite decide…

  • GDal

    Did this gye not take no Engrish in skool? I seen betta ry tin in ellimen tree skool!

  • John Neumann

    Even I have to comment on the lack of proofreading on this one and I can’t chalk them up to keyboard slips either unless it was written on an iPhone. 


    Someone read the stories before hitting the “Embarrass Me” button. 

  • GDal

    Ground up? You mean they created a completely new kernel for the iPhone? They didn’t use OSX as the basis for iOS?  No shared libraries? No shared frameworks?

    Or maybe you just don’t understand that the display and input interfaces do not represent everything that an OS provides… Apple created the touch interface and display frameworks mostly from the ground up, but the rest of the OS is straight from OSX with changes to optimize performance on the new hardware.NeXT was a ground up project. Linux too.All they’re doing now is taking many of the elements that make iOS easy for the masses and incorporating them in OSX. Of course, it’s not perfect yet. Not using multiple monitors for full-screen apps is probably the dumbest moves Apple has made in years.What’s wrong with full screen apps? Most Windows users maximize every single window they have open, even on huge screens. People have been bitching about not being able to maximize on Macs for years, and now they can. Lion’s full screen interface isn’t much different from maximizing. Does it stop users from having multiple apps open? It doesn’t on Windows?Of course, many people will complain, as humans do, but in the end the changes will be accepted. Just because you’re used to doing things a certain way does not mean it’s the best way. Brits still think that separate water taps and thin asphalt road paving are just fine. Stupid!I still remember all the people who used to say that using Windows was a terrible idea and that it was just a dumbing down of computers. DOS was fine they believed. WordPerfect, dBase, and Lotus 123… Where are they now?

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    Wow… The man that wrote that article is a mess. A very counter-part of what he’s so called ‘multiplinary designer’. :p

  • GDal

    Remember how Apple was laughed at for introducing the iMac… without a floppy drive. This new USB thing. iPods without removable batteries. Touch screen phones? Now laptops without removable batteries, and the iPad. Pushing computers back, hurting the consumer, not necessary, etc. people said/say.

    It seems like people just love to bitch when Apple does anything different from the rest. Fortunately, for Apple, the people who spend their time bitching are largely being ignored by the majority of the buying public.

    Pro users spend their time being productive… not bitching about insignificant things.

  • GDal

    You mean a clean Windows install where after you finish you have to find all the right drivers to get the display set right, then the sound, then the network, then the …. it goes on and on… Yet burning a CD is a problem?

    Oh, wait… Many Windows systems now come with recovery partitions and no disks. You have to burn your own boot CDs if you want them. Pitchforks?

    Why do people make arguments denying things that are actively practiced?

  • axet

    you cant even download OS from store you just brougth it from. to write usb/dvd lion down you need to dance aroud it.

    they drop roseta… they drop GPL apps from store…

    they need just your money and lock your down to app store forever.

    do you think that is frendly?

  • fortninety

    My point was the double standard that exists; if MS does something, it’s the worst thing ever, but if Apple does it, it’s not big deal.

    So thanks for also helping to further illustrate how Lion is indeed becoming closer to Windows!

  • GDal

    Do you find it strange that /cores, /dev, /etc. /home, /net, /opt, /private, /sbin and the other Unix dirs are hidden in Finder? Why not show them?

    Maybe there’s a good reason to hide things from the average user. Users are their own worst enemy sometimes. Microsoft did a similar thing with XP, but added warning messages for when the user insisted.

    Documents, Photos, Music, Movies… Library?? What’s in there? Books? Desktop?

    Think about the average know-nothing user. They don’t need to see these things. The more advanced users are able to turn hiding off…

  • fortninety

    “If you were truly the productive genius you are claiming to be, you wouldn’t have even noticed, because all the keyboard shortcuts are the same.”

    Don’t know why, but it’s that statement alone that really makes me question your claim of being a professional who uses a Mac as a means to put food on the table. Either that and you really are a working professional but also the stereotypical, obnoxious Apple zealot.

  • Morgan

    “Some might say I’m a spoiled brat. Don’t care.”

    Actually I had to go to your Blog to see if you are literate.  And I still can’t tell.

    This is the most amazing piece of middle-school ranting I have see since, well, middle-school.  To read Lil call herself “professional” is almost as laughable as her rant. The most hilarious statement is “This is the first time I need to revise how I do things because a software doesn’t get how I do it.”  

    Not only is the sentence structure and the verbiage poor – but to expect a application to get how you do something is still years off.  Software is neither sentient or artificially intelligent.

    The correct sentence should have been, “I can’t get how to do anything with Lion.”

    I hear Windows beckoning to Lil – she may find that it “gets how you do it.”  It is, after all, almost a dumb as a rock.

  • fortninety

    Again, I was always under the impression that Apple users were smarter, and didn’t need as much hand-holding.

    On a side note, I also find it perturbing how many solutions to things are a “simple terminal command away”. I consider myself pretty Mac savy, but any solution that requires launching Terminal speaks of an overall, bigger problem as a whole.

    Back to the Library file being hidden for the betterment of the dum dums; well, why isn’t the one in the root of the computer guarded off as well?

  • GDal

    I guess you missed the recovery partition… In most cases, that’s better than a physical boot disk. Think basic users. No disks to look for. It’s only, what, 512MB?

    And what’s wrong with the signing in? You do that to buy software from the App Store don’t you? iCloud login for data recovery…

    Every new version of OSX has had complaints. Leopard had many complaints about software compatibility. Snow Leopard had the same. And now Lion. Although this is a much more radical change. And every new OSX version initially has bugs that need to be worked out (bad Apple). .1 or .2 release is known to be the one to wait for.

    The lack of color sucks to me… Not happy with that, but is it really hurting anything? Eye candy should not be the focus. Microsoft hasn’t learned that lesson yet.

  • threedevices

    I also have had a ton of problems with Lion and spent the weekend switching back to Snow Leopard. I am back in my happy Mac land where everything is working. http://bit.ly/pE8kAq

  • tapit0

    1-mail is just fine, what clicks?
    2-ical is much better
    3-spotlight i allways find all my files.
    4-i love the 2 fingers side scroll don’t you ?

    5- new gesture for this article is the middle finger.

  • GDal

    Ranting bitches remind me of the Windows users who bitch about Macs after using them for ten minutes. They keep on ranting about how it isn’t intuitive… Yet not a single Windows user can tell me how ALT-F4 is intuitive. Or having to scroll through each of 150 windows to switch between apps. Uninformed, impatient idiots.

  • GDal


    Wait. Have you been laughed at already? Just remind me how many predictions of death for Apple and Windows have there been from the Linux crowd? Chrome? Puuuulleeeez!

  • GDal

    In all the time I’ve used Address Book I have never used the features you mentioned here, except user creation in a group. They are neat, but I’ve not missed them… Thanks for the lesson though.

    The group color thing is a problem for sure. It should highlight the background rather than the font color. And the group/person icon too… Hmm.

    That said, I probably won’t miss them.

  • GDal

    Bootcamp works…

  • GDal

    How is a computer sitting in front of a person, with free development tools, isolated from the user/developer?

  • GDal

    Macs don’t support Mac OS Classic anymore either. Should we complain?

    Windows 7 doesn’t support XP apps unless you basically run an XP virtual machine. Yet the complaints are few.

    GPL apps would probably require GPLing of the App Store too. BSD licensing is much better.

    Why should we keep dragging old crap into the future? Rosetta? Come on!

  • GDal

    Like Windows users who want to make OSX look and feel like Windows… hahaha

  • mahimahimahi

    I can’t wait to submit my opinions to you guys.  I’ve got some good stuff to write about including the psychological reasons why people hate macs and apple in general.

  • Jreed1235

    dude, if you are a designer, then you should understand that design change is good.  It brings forth revolution.  Revolutionizing the way we use computers is not a bad thing.  just because you are so stuck on what you know, doesn’t mean that a significant change isn’t for the good.  If Henry Ford never changed the design of an automobile, we all might still be filling up our cars with water and char-coal to heat the steam powered engine inside.  Good change?  Revolutionary change if you ask me.  Sometimes it’s good to roll with it and see what happens.  And if you have such a vendetta for Apple, then maybe its time for you to start using windows.  No one is making you use the products.  My suggestion is to either grow up and realize that change can be a good thing and stop whining about it, or to maybe go buy yourself a Dell. 

  • GDal

    I’m just going to scratch my head on this one…

  • carnivalous

    I’m not Lion’s biggest fan but I’m pretty impressed it hasn’t crashed on me yet. I’ve had countless kernel panics on Snow Leopard transferring to and from NTFS drives. I’ve never had that problem with Lion at all. To be honest, it’s hard for the majority to relate to these pet peeves you specified. They hardly warrant the tone of hate used in this article due to the fact that you can easily work around these annoyances.

    I just really dislike it when people upgrade right away then rant about how much better the former OS is, as if it’s mandatory to upgrade. The new features were laid out to the public before Lion was released and it was pretty obvious that majority of the ‘improvements’ were for usability and interaction. I don’t get how you failed to pick that up as a designer. And Lion DOES work for people. It’s pretty inviting – enough to make PC users switch to Mac. This article just sounds a bit elitist.

  • axet

    you need to pay money and sign NDA to get documentation. even more – you have more restrictions to upload your apps to app store (r)(tm)

  • GDal

    I don’t like terminal solutions, but these are options that general users will not use, so not having it clickable is not really an issue.

    As far as the hidden /Library… I have no idea.

    Apple users smarter? That has never been the case. Not in 1992 when Gary Kildall had to be helped with his mac, and not now. Macs are supposed to just work. Well, computers in general should, but Macs especially.

  • trifero

    You forget there are thousands of users that CAN´T go back to Snow Leopard, cause the mac won´t boot.

  • GDal

    I haven’t paid or signed an NDA for access to docs. Docs are free… Beta access may require an NDA, but released info is free. NDAs are normally used for pre-release products.

    App Store restrictions aren’t that bad. Try releasing software to the retail channel. Those restrictions are a killer. Number of units, type of software, box size, weight, colors, you name it. And the fees! I’ll stick to the App Store.

  • deadego

    Hi sweetie. :( Sorry you’re having so many problems with the software. I haven’t had any of those issues, so I can’t really help you with that. I can, however, offer some additional software you might like better than what’s packaged with Lion:

    Alfred (replacement for Spotlight). After you SERIOUSLY use it, like, for everything, you realize just how much it was missing from the OSX world. It includes so many awesome things in the powerpack that help make life simpler, including controlling outside software (like Spotify or iTunes). I had it replace my keyboard shortcut for Spotlight and I haven’t touched it (Spotlight, that is) since Snow Leopard first came out. It’s a miracle imo. :)

    Sparrow (replacement for Mail). I’ve been on the beta team before it hit the App Store, and I even went and bought the full version when it came out. :)  The simplicity is exactly what I love about the app, not to mention how customizable it is. I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you use quite a few different e-mails or aliases. The full view is just easy enough on the eyes where you can see all your messages and have easy access to it via either the dock or the taskbar.

    Sad to say, but I adore iCal. :’D I never seem to have a problem with it. I even use it on my iPhone and through MobileMe. I haven’t gone searching around for a new organizing app. I DO however use Fantastical along with iCal to help keep my tasks organized. And I have a few shortcuts made in Alfred that allow me to do Command+Space “fa 8:00am Work”  :D And it will auto add the new task for me into Fantastical. Which is, fantastic! :D

    I hope you find some more love in Lion. It really is a great operating system!

  • deadego


  • Daibidh

    Wow.  What was the malfunction on this one, guys?!  No seriously. “F*ck you” AND the middle finger?!  Is this now a Gawker Media site and I didn’t know it?

    Don’t get me wrong.  I found Ms. Tydings perspectives refreshing even if I don’t share many of them.  No, I’m just really disappointed in the ever lowering standards as Cult of Mac transitions to a common run-of-mill Blog.  Sometimes I like to escape the everyday vulgarity and just have a good time geeking out.

    Way to ruin that friendly, informative, passionate, fun spirit that set Cult of Mac apart!

  • Honyant


  • Adam Zimerman

    Dear Lil Tydings,
    Congratulations on writing the worst article we’ve ever read on Cult of Mac — and they already have horrible standards.

    Some of your work is respectable, so you obviously could have cared. This rant doesn’t tarnish Cult of Mac (who has no respect for journalistic standards) NEARLY as much as it tarnishes your reputation. I certainly hope you have a copy editor and art director to whip your work into shape after you churn it out, rough edges and all.

    Ever hear of apple.com/feedback ? USE IT. I’d also like the pinch-to-zoom back.
    If you like a zoomable desktop, try Raskin.


  • Antoine Trouve

    I agree that Lion is not perfect, but not on the same points that the author of this article.
    Nobody asks me, but I’ll enumerate them there:
    – Non consistent GUI. Esp. for iCal and the Address Book.
    – Address Book is actually less usable than before
    – No way to move one window to the non-active desktop to another
    – The desktops previews are too small in Mission Control (btw, the name “Mission Control” is laughable)
    – The animation when windows pop-up is not de-activated in the japanese input (for those who don’t use it, just imagine this animation being  triggered each time you push a key)
    – Finder still sucks (they should throw their pride away and copy Window’s one)
    – Feels VERY slow compared to SL
    And I’ve an account which can’t find the user’s home directory, even if it exists with the right permissions.

    But I like the new mail, esp. the fact it recognises mails I receive in double (thanks to anarchic mailing lists)

  • GrimWit

    I really hate douche bags like you.  You come here and post this same spam crap under different names and I’m sick of seeing it.  I hope a moderator deletes this crap… including my reply.

  • Honyant

    My only gripe with Lion is the loss of colour from Finder and iTunes. It is particularly galling when I can get info on those icons and see them in their original colour which I have no way of restoring them to. Colour provides information that helps speed up navigation.

  • Soon Chong Lai

    My personal opinion is I have not find something I hate in particular about Lion vs Snow Leopard. Though I kinda feel that Snow Leopard is faster on my MBA 11.6″ late 2010. Poor thing for me is I’m trying to learn coding for iOS, honestly is a blunder. All tutorial out there are based on Xcode 3.X.X but Xcode 4.1 has totally different UI. It’s like office 2003 vs Office 2007 when you can’t seems to find what you looking for. Make things worst, you can’t install Xcode 3.X.X on Lion… have mercy apple

  • Honyant

    Congratulations Cult of Mac, judging by the sheer number of responses in the comments, the headline that you chose to go with may have got you a record number of click throughs to the article. I am sure that your advertisers will be happy, keep up the good work.

    P.S.I have no figures to back that up but what the hey.

  • lls19
  • lls19
  • aramishero

    I disagree… Lion don’t have any problem like you said… if you don’t like just switch back to snow leopard… But the only problem I having in Lion is Adobe Flash… But the problem is not Lion but Adobe… Apple announced Lion last year and already use up to a year to let Adobe enough time to fix the Flash in Lion but when Lion launch Adobe having problem… This is absolutely suck Adobe…

  • danwarne

    Come on! At this moment, Lil is a self-confessed raving bitch, so what do you expect?

  • Beau

    Use google calendar, picasa, chrome, and gmail. I have a mac but don’t use much of the preloaded software as I find the limitations idiotic. 

  • CharliK

    Spoiled brat? Bitch was correct. Basically you are of the mindset that anything that doesn’t work the way you want it to is crap made by morons. Course better than most you seem willingly to admit that you are self centered etc, unlike most who would just call everyone that made such an accusation a moronic apple fanboi.

    But regardless, did you really need a whole column to say that you don’t like the UI changes. No, one sentence would have done it

  • CharliK

    1. I believe it is a woman

    2. Even blogs should have writers that can actually write.

    The only thing worse than this woman’s lack of writing skills is that teenage doof that makes the crappy how to videos

  • CharliK


    Where have you been. Apple moved away from the pros being the end all and be all of their decision making years ago. They admitted to it even. It was all part and parcel with moves like dumping Shake

  • Cjb


  • psimac

    You need to buy Bento, because you’re overusing Address book for what it wasn’t designed for in the first place, under any previous OS.

    I find the new Lion Address book to be much faster at entry and search than the previous version.

    I’m not sure how this one app turns the whole OS into a disaster. It’s by far the best OS release they’ve had in years, especially out of the gate. Funny how many people forget all the Sow Leopard “issues.”

  • matt253146

    Too much emotion.
    Title and graphic are offensive.Failure to proof makes for difficult reading.  I gave up.

  • poppa1138

     you installed Lion,so get over it and just get used to it.there are a couple of things I don’t like but these are out weighed by the ones I like..

  • Trafficjan82

    I think the *real* question is what chauvinistic trolls like you are doing in this century. You may wanna go back to the 50s.

  • takeo

    more than 200 comments? wow…

    Just my two cents: if you’re not adapting, then don’t expect that things work the same way as before. For every point in the post, there is a solution.

    I especially don’t understand the complaint about Mail in OS X Lion – no details given, just saying “it sucks, you need more clicks”…

  • m_hardwick

    If he was trolling, stop feeding him  –  I suspect however – It was a joke and you are being way too sensitive.

  • m_hardwick

    Summary of this article:
    “wwwaahhhhhhhhh they changed something and I don’t want to learn the new ways of doing it so I am going to complain to everyone in the hope I can find somebody who agrees with me”

  • m_hardwick

    Also, I don’t think having to rebuild your search index is the end of the world, after an upgrade if you have a lof of mails, and seeing as how much search has changed – it really isn’t that much of a big deal.

  • m_hardwick

    Of course it works, it is well documented as working.

  • m_hardwick


  • vopat

    Careful. When some people hear anything criticizing Apple their heads explode. I reinstalled Snow Leopard a week after playing with Lion…… Lion = Vista

  • Jamal22

    It’s probably her time of the month. Wait a few days and she will post her  apology.

  • vopat

    Sounds like a typical Apple iOS fanboy. That comment was uncalled for.

  • Andy Warhol

    How old are you? Thinking is very important activity while using any computer…

  • Callum Kerr

    Exactly what I did. I use SL for one game, Rise of Nations. I’m very satisfied with Lion, well worth the £21.00 I spent on it =]

  • oakdesk23

    Where did the image come from? It looks like Lion, but it’s the old style Mail layout and a normal looking iCal… and FaceBook open in Safari? This doesn’t seem like Apple’s work.

  • moritz.mutter

    I understand you being upset because of iCloud. But forget it, I have seen it and I really think it will be the worst cloud service to be on the net. As it seems, you can’t even sync external mail accounts. For now, you can’t sync your docs with the Mac OS iWork suite. You can’t sync folders. I don’t understand how they can sell this as an improvement over MobileMe. I will stay with Google and Dropbox for folders. Even Microsoft SkyDrive seems more powerful to me, actually. This is the same strange design fetichism than with Lauchpad: great UI, with all that popping up and fading in and fading out, but what will you use it for anyway?

  • MrGPhantomeWHAT

    Lion has bugs, but what new OS doesn’t. At least it isn’t as bad as say… Vista? Or…. ohh ohh, ME!

    Seriously though, for a professional environment where system stability is a 100 percent must, it’s probably not best to upgrade to Lion. The last thing you need is for computer to stop responding due to new OS bugs. I get that, I respect that.

    But I don’t buy this idea that Lion’s features “impedes productivity.” Mission control is clearly better, versions will be an undeniable time saver, Airdrop will make USB flash drives a thing of the past, autosave will save a lot of people’s jobs, full screen apps make smaller notebooks easier to use.

    This is all stuff we’ve always wanted!

    And don’t bring up crap like “library is hidden” or “Inverted scrolling is weird” or “my side bar text is too big.” That’s flat out nit picking and are issues that are solved with a click of a check mark that you have to do only ONCE.

    The only real complaint I would say that holds water are the issues with Spotlight. But for version 1 software, I’d say Apple did a pretty bang up job.

  • MrGPhantomeWHAT

    Lion has bugs, but what new OS doesn’t. At least it isn’t as bad as say… Vista? Or…. ohh ohh, ME!

    Seriously though, for a professional environment where system stability is a 100 percent must, it’s probably not best to upgrade to Lion. The last thing you need is for computer to stop responding due to new OS bugs. I get that, I respect that.

    But I don’t buy this idea that Lion’s features “impedes productivity.” Mission control is clearly better, versions will be an undeniable time saver, Airdrop will make USB flash drives a thing of the past, autosave will save a lot of people’s jobs, full screen apps make smaller notebooks easier to use.

    This is all stuff we’ve always wanted!

    And don’t bring up crap like “library is hidden” or “Inverted scrolling is weird” or “my side bar text is too big.” That’s flat out nit picking and are issues that are solved with a click of a check mark that you have to do only ONCE.

    The only real complaint I would say that holds water are the issues with Spotlight. But for version 1 software, I’d say Apple did a pretty bang up job.

  • luzblog

    The pinch zoom on the desktop was one of the most annoying features of Snow Leopard for me – countless times just an accidental touch moved some icons off-screen or shrinked them to silly miniatures.

    I’m really glad they removed that pinch zoom from the finder!

  • Steve Jarrett

    Thanks. Rebuild solved my problems with search too. Wish I had thought of that….

  • z3r0_tr0jAn

    Uhh, iCloud is still not released yet… it’s only in developer beta, what do you expect?

  • Junaidkureshi

    really really bad article, all non sense, couple of things may be right but those are not that much for which you said F*ck you Lion, think about that day when Lion will F*ck You. stop writing articles.

  • freedotz

    Ranting b!tch for sure. I have heard a lot of complaints about Lion — personally i have been using it for close to 7 months now through the dev program and I love it. My only problem with lion is that the folder size and remaining disk space no longer appear at the bottom of each window, forcing me to option-i folders left and right. I have yet to experience spotlight problems, i actually find it to be faster now… perhaps the author needs a faster mac? And mission control rocks if you have ADD and/or a lot of work on your plate — but im sure it will confuse the average mac user who just needs access to facebook. Also, if you are using a mouse on lion, throw it away — the real transition in lion is the move towards touch based gestures, the bubbly GUI is just a side note, and most of the things this author complained about can be reverted back to how they were in SL under settings or in terminal. Maybe if the author spent less time complaining and more time learning how their computer works, they would have figured out how lion actually works.

  • fullenglish

    Are you really ‘an experience designer’, or rather an ‘experienced designer’? What does an ‘experience designer’ do?

  • oakdesk23

    Her site says “experience designer,” then she goes on to explain what that means. Although the explanation makes as much sense as this rant which is to say none what-so-ever.

  • freedotz

    Werent these folders hidden in snow leopard as well… Its a pretty simple fix too! It’s called settings people, you CAN change them!

  • freedotz

    I dont know many experienced, let alone professional designers who leave hundreds of files cluttered on their desktop. Not only is that not effecient, it slows your computer down. No wonder she was having problems with spotlight — Didnt your mom ever tell you to keep your room clean?

    BTW — the grahpic that was designed for this article looks like a 4-year-old made it with kid pix

  • baby_Twitty

    why U mad?

    More like an “experienced cry-baby”.

  • lals82
  • freedotz

    I dont mind hearing people dis apple, but i have yet to hear many people make much sense when they try. Vista, really? You arent one of those people that thinks bush is hitler, are you?

  • freedotz

    What do you expect from an author that thinks “WTF” is acceptable to publish in an article?

  • freedotz

    Or try opening settings and terminal… Most of these complaints are about things that can very easily be changed.

  • freedotz

    There is a way to change this back, i forget how but a quick google search should lead you to the answer

  • freedotz

    Windows can easily be moved to an empty space (non-active desktop) by clicking on them and then switching spaces. You can also manage windows and spaces very easily from mission control.

  • freedotz

    Pretty sure you can regain pinch-to-zoom in terminal. Its still there in the code, they just set it to off.

  • Guest

    Thanks, Spencer. I will try that. 

  • freedotz

    How about sending her a manual that shows her how to turn on/off all of her complaints in settings, or god forbid, terminal.

  • Guest

    It was was published before I got my proofed version over to them.

  • freedotz

    Am i crazy here? I was pretty sure that /Library was also hidden in snow leopard…. No, yes, it definitely was — and it is a really easy fix.

    Apple hid this directory so that people who are tech. challenged cant screw their computers up. If you cant figure out how to google search and unhide your /Library folder, you probably shouldnt be messing with it to begin with.

  • Guest
  • freedotz

    Am i crazy here? I was pretty sure that /Library was also hidden in snow leopard…. No, yes, it definitely was — and it is a really easy fix.

    Apple hid this directory so that people who are tech. challenged cant screw their computers up. If you cant figure out how to google search and unhide your /Library folder, you probably shouldnt be messing with it to begin with.

  • Guest

    I remember when Steve wasn’t around the first time around. All those bad product decisions being made. I think we have come to the start/end of the loop.

  • GDal

    On SL the /Library folder isn’t hidden. I’ve never tried to modify Finder to hide or unhide folders, and the Lib folder is there as clear as day.

  • Santiago Castillo

    Going back to the original post: I think it’s nice to see that Cult of Mac is letting middle school students write some posts for them…

    Seriously, read these things before you publish them.

  • techgeek01

    Well, to answer your question about what’s wrong with the signing in, well, some people don’t use the Mac App store. Yes, some people do not buy software from there at all.

  • Guest

    You might have worse than I do. Best of luck on your learning curve. :)

  • Chris

    Umm….I think I know who the b**** is….it’s you.  This update is great…full screen, threaded messages, easier to use “spaces”, more gestures, etc. 

  • Raman Pfaff

    I think Mission Control is a disaster relative to Spaces/Expose from a developers point of view. I have no idea why they took away basic features such as dragging things from A -> B -> C, and why Expose is disabled when in the Mission Control view. For the first time in my life I downgraded a OSX installation and went back to 10.6.

  • Guest

    Interesting points you made.

    I agree with the inconsistency in the GUI too. To me, it speaks highly to attention to detail. This is the first time with Apple I am seeing discrepancies in the UI. Simple things, such as icons that don’t match within the same work flow.

    I don’t like the new address book either. It’s pretty, but the previous one was more functional. I don’t use it as a often due to auto-fill, so I am living with it.

    Interesting point about localization. I haven’t tried to use it in another language other than English.

    I do like the Mail’s ability to concatenate messages. I like the fact that it brings a message within the context of a thread even if I delete it.

  • Guest


  • Mark Fuller

    I have Lion on several of my computers now and am loving it. I like the new mail. I’ve not had a lot of issues at all and it seems to be fairly bulletproof.

  • HerbalEd

    Re. “I have become quite anal about what good design is and how it should work in people’s lives.” 

    Try doing the same with your writing. Blog or not, it’s sloppy writing. 

  • jersey36
  • Dahlijo

    There should be more dinosaurs in the article, that’s the only complaint I have.

  • Guest

    Hi Krista, I will check Alfred. I tried Sparrow but it doesn’t support MS Exchange Server so I can’t use it for work.

    The iCal integration works just fine–and I love it. It’s the small nuances that always has blown my mind away that I am missing, plus some functional aspects that were added (or removed) that seems to have had an impact on my day-to-day. The fact the window is half the size on any view type, it becomes harder to re-size a calendar item from 1hr to 30mins, for example. Sometimes I need to (re)schedule meetings 10, 15 times a day, that’s a significant amount of time that taking me to complete one simple task.

    It sounds from your post you like simplicity and simple apps. Same here. TeuxDeux is my current favorite app because it’s so simple. I will try Fantastical in association to iCal and see how that goes.

    Overall, I would expect Apple to have invested in adding tasks to iCal, instead of making it look so pretty. This way we wouldn’t have to rely so much on apps like Fantastical. Oh well, until I can make those kind of product decisions for them, I will have to live with 3rd party apps. ;)

  • Biotechnology2020

    back in the kitchen

  • Honyant

    A quick Google leads me to a number of sites with pages of gripes about the problem with no solution in sight, although one did provide a link to an Apple site that allows you to make complaints/suggestions. I filled in the form and have sent it to Apple.

  • GDal

    You act as if there’s some great hardship associated with using the AppStore. Most people use FaceBook, Yahoo Mail, HotMail, etc… I’m sure another login isn’t going to kill anyone.

    Do you not like logging into Disqus to chat here?

    BTW. There’s load of free software on the App Store. And, where else could one get lower priced software that they can run legally on multiple systems? Do you prefer paying for software multiple times for multiple machines? Do you like boxed clutter? I could go on…

    Your argument is just plain silly.

  • Mauricio Z C

    Don’t like Lion OS X to buggy and I hate Mission Control, no control at all.

  • Tortellino

    Thanks but have already tried Bento and found it really bad, it ended up creating duplicate parts on my entries (doubling up addresses for example) and comments received on the issue at the Genius bar confirmed the issue. There is no valid address book alternative available today and the SL version, with all its shortcomings, was still the best out there. Now with the removal of many functionalities there is a big gap in the market which I hope some clever developers will fill.
    Regarding SL, I had no issues other than very minor ones so was not really awaiting Lion at all. SL is still the best OS for me today.

  • Nicole Marie Rincon

    I completely agree with this article. I really thought I was the only one losing my mind with Lion. There is some sort of compatibility issue with Illustrator, FontExplorer Pro, and Safari that is making me want to butcher small animals. Its a fucking nightmare. 

  • gregbraddock

    i have 3 finger swipes enabled for dragging but i’ll disable and see if it works for navigating through finder…

  • Rob Perry

    Experienced designer but not an experienced writer.  Sorry, it is hard to take even a rant seriously when there are so many typos and the writing is so sloppy.  Proof read once please.  

  • gregbraddock

    ok, i got a new one for you guys… i made a mistake and dragged a document onto the tool bar of the finder window and NOW, there’s a little icon there as a shortcut for the document. How the hell, do i get it gone!? I’ve tried, double/triple tapping/clicking and nothing. Just really weird when it happened cuz I wasn’t expecting it, I’ll attach a screen shot of the finder window…

  • Robert X

    I had zero problems with the upgrade. So I can’t feel your pain on this one.

  • RanjanKurian

    Lion is making me also mad, I endup hard rebooting my imac at least 2times a day after installing Lion. it was Zero before. It is the Vista of Apple (actually worse)

  • oakdesk23

    Hold down control and drag them out. or you could do File -> Customise Toolbar and drag them out.

  • paulbarden

    If this is an example of what we can look forward to when reading guest editorials, I hope CoM will reconsider the concept; this was a shockingly poor piece. I’m not talking about the content, just the dreadful writing and apparent lack of proofreading. Please, take your work a bit more seriously, would you?

  • lals82
  • evil_thoughts

    I prefer open source software……..

  • Mike Pisino

    I’m with you on some of this Lion hate.  My (and a lot of others) major complaint is what they’ve done with expose’, but I’m with you on the strangeness of everything seemingly being added just to be added.  The best design in an OS is transparent, and everything here seems to be a little too opaque. On another note, if you type a rant at least reread the thing to catch your mistakes, not that hard.

  • Guest

    Thanks everyone that read this.

  • gregbraddock

    PERFECT! Thank you.

  • Alan Christensen

    This is why I never jump on the newest thing.  Let others live with it for a while. Meanwhile, I’m perfectly content with Snow Leopard. Actually, I was okay with Leopard, but the new machine came with 10.6.8 and I’d be hard pressed to tell you what’s different. I don’t want to be amused and/or frustrated by new OS’s. I just want familiarity, predictability and stability — every day.

  • dale2000

    If you bought it from the App Store, you can download it, so I’m not sure what you’re arguing, here.  Yeah, the USB stick is a pain, but they said they’d be selling USB sticks from Apple stores in a month.

    Rosetta… if you need it, you don’t have to give Apple more money — don’t upgrade!  I don’t have sympathy, here… Rosetta’s old enough that I don’t blame them for dropping it.  If you want 30 year old technology, get Windows.

    Again I’m not sure what you’re saying about the App store.  Who is being locked down to it?  You don’t have to buy anything from it if you don’t want to.

    I think it’s plenty friendly.

  • TechTeich

    Well I never said it was recent, but they still insist on making great “pro” level software like Final Cut X… <sarcasm></sarcasm>

  • freedotz

    Open terminal, type in “chflags nohidden ~/Library/” then hit return

    You might need to logout and then back in, but you”ll never have a problem finding it again

  • freedotz

    Maybe not on the client version, but it is on SL server. Apple hid it intentionally to prevent users who don’t know what they are doing from corrupting important files. The fix for lion is the same on SL server — if you aren’t comfortable with terminal you probably should stay out of your library folder

  • freedotz

    Having trouble finding it, but i saw the fix for itunes when the dev versions came out 7 months ago. I used it for awhile before upgrading to a newer dev version, but i am pretty sure it involved usimg terminal. Try adding terminal to your search, there is a solution out there, best of luck

  • GDal

    So do I… But we are a tiny minority of computer users, and I don’t think our preference will have any real effect on the software industry.

    If only Open Office was a usable product. Free, open source, and still nobody makes a good version.

  • Brian Moore

    I LOVE Lion, it’s a Brand New OS, and I bough it day one.. First time in history that I bough an OS day one…
    Yes. it takes sometime to get use to, a little buggy here & there. But give it a chance, wait for a couple updates. Things will get fixed & put in there place…
    I agree with the other people. If you HATE Lion some much, then why don’t you go back to Snow Leopard???
    Now get-n-the kitchen, and make me some food… D’oh

  • Brittp2

    The one thing that came to mind with reading this “rant” and the comments is that She is a “EXPERIENCE DESIGNER” working on the most experience we as CoM visitors. I am sure her book or PHD???? LOL dissertation will be following soon. Her oxygen and ego must be bursting by now and you still feed her? Her diatribe is the most idiotic piece of trash writing I have seen since coming home from vacation!!! 
    Lil’s 15 minutes of fame ended hours ago. Leave her alone to herself and please get CoM back on the Cult of Mac wavelength. PLEASE!!!!

  • Brittp2

    The one thing that came to mind with reading this “rant” and the comments is that She is a “EXPERIENCE DESIGNER” working on the most experience we as CoM visitors.Forgot to put in “have to put up with and the end of this sentence…. sorry.

  • aquraishi

    Die! Die! Die!

  • aquraishi

    I sir, am an idiot.

    …waiting for arguments to the contrary…

  • aquraishi

    I don’t think burning disk geniuses is legal. If premeditated, you’d get life, or in some states, death for it. I agree it’s kind of sad – resorting to a career as a disk genius but, different strokes for different folks I guess.

  • aquraishi

    Feel free to gripe and complain but please offer specifics.

    How does it “impede productivity”?

    It “reminds you of windows” in what way?

    I don’t get the “bastard” comment – if you have parents you inherit from both don’t you? Or do you prefer clones? Inbreeding?

    How do you know the “bean counters…now rule Apple”? Inside info?

    I’d love to hear more but only if you can attach some specifics to your claims. I for one haven’t installed Lion and won’t until the first 1-2 patches are out but I do read articles and comments by those who have for insight. Yours (and hers) offer me none.

    Sorry Martin Topinka – did’t mean to disagree.

  • aquraishi

    “Software is neither sentient nor artificially intelligent” hmmm?

    I suppose you haven’t yet taken the red pill…

  • aquraishi

    Constructive response. Nice!

  • aquraishi

    Dude – look at the guy’s name. There’s a good chance he’s not a native English speaker. If you had learned a second/third language as an adult, you’d realize how difficult it is to excel at it.

    Give the guy a break!

  • aquraishi


  • aquraishi

    Girl. Is it the language masculine / feminine you’re struggling with?

  • aquraishi

    Live and learn…

    It would have helped even more if you could have been specific as to your complaints.

    Next time!

  • Jason Ham

    I find it somewhat depressing that people on a site about Macs don’t know what an experience designer is.

    And then I remember that half my friends and family do not know what industrial designers actually DO.


  • GDal

    Hahaha! I never read far enough as I lost interest. Still totally uninterested in the author, except to avoid her in the future.

  • GDal

    I’m surprised they did that on server… Strange move. Maybe that’s another reason nobody uses it.

  • aquraishi

    WHAT – I’m replying to you even though I agree with your post more than I disagree – this just happens to be the spot in the thread where I’m going to stop reading – it’s been a slice. The majority of this response is for the whining masses (as you mentioned) “nit picking” about Spotlight not working, Mail search, Aperture being slow, etc.

    If you want a smooth transition to a new OS wait for the first patch before upgrading. Even better – wait for the first patch and then do a fresh install.Upgrades are never as smooth as fresh installs which, painful as they are, are a safer route. Backup to an external bootable hard drive, etc…So be impatient and lazy and suffer or be patient, do the work, and have a smooth running system for the next 18 months. Your choice.

    True – some don’t have the technical chops to do it the best way – which is what the upgrade is for. Unfortunately there are some downsides – esp. with a brand new OS.

    Most of you people though could and should pick up an in-depth book about the OS and read it (David Pogue’s are good I think). It’s a good investment and you’ll discover a ton of things that will boost your productivity. Just a suggestion :)

  • aquraishi

    OMG! I wrote Pogue’s instead of Pogues’ when writing about plural ownership. The grammar Nazis are coming, the grammar Nazis are coming.


  • aquraishi

    A balanced response, thanks. Both ‘sides’ of the debate are a little ‘out there’ for me. Can’t get that incensed about an OS. World Hunger? Sure! Needless wars? Absolutely! The U.S only having 5 years of oil reserves? Scary! Justin Bieber? You betcha! A GUI? Uhhhh, let me thiinnnkkk – nope!

  • aquraishi

    So – a clone? Immaculate conception?

  • aquraishi

    I’m Lion and I find 21 year-olds annoying!

  • aquraishi

    I’m sad.

  • aquraishi

    I don’t like to swear but F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F!F! and F!

  • aquraishi

    My abacus kills your Lisa.

  • FatSushi

    Have some cheese with your whine…  My first reaction to this article is WTF. 
    The feature graphic is offensive, the article is based on some real who gives a crap features. Seriously, Spotlight?
    Lion is a great OS for those of us on MacBook Pro’s and Airs. The new gestures are great. Mission Control is like having ten extra great monitors. The workflow of switching between apps has greatly improved. Wish you could rename the desktops, reorder them, and that there would be a popdown menu in our menu bar.
    Having read CoM’s articles for a long time, some of the latest ones have really gone down the tubes. Sad to see lousy articles like this one.

    A happy Lion user here.

  • Dane Deasy

    I miss the pinch to zoom feature in the Finder too. I hate having to drag the little slider at the bottom of the window.

  • Mitchell Busby

    If you prefer open source software, why are you even using Mac OS X? It’s commercialised software, face it.

  • Daz Mondo

    I’m a designer and I love lion, it’s increased my productivity with mission control, even launchpad with the aid of the launchpad control pref pane add-on is ACE. I’ve had no issues with any of the apps I use day in day out, CS5 runs as it did in SL. I find the new mail to be a brilliant move forward, address book seems faster, I have a minor issue with iCal locking for 10 seconds every now and then, I use iCal along with Minco for job time logging and TimeTable, an awesome little app by Steven Riggs for producing my invoices. Let’s not forget this is the first release, theres always bugs aplenty. 

    I have an old core duo mac mini which I use with eyetv rigged unto my plasma TV which will only run Leopard and it’s quite a throwback to use once you’re used to the reversed scrolling and all, 

    I was happy within an hour of use of Lion once I’d put back the info and icon size bar across the bottom of finder windows. QUIT YO’ JIBBA JABBA! 

  • GH

    What’s ICLOUD? Is it like iCloud?

  • MacGoo

    13 likes for an intellectually stagnant, “don’t want to hear what you’re saying so shaddup” type comment. An impartial forum this isn’t. Do you even own Lion, or are you taking offense on principle alone?

  • Zach Dischner

    I’ve ranted and raved on other sites. Lion just sucks.
    Everything about it is about making it glitzy and visually enjoyable, but it kills productivity. Absolutely. And its not even well tested/thought out. How is it that I see the beach ball every time I open ANYTHING. Why does everything take longer than on SL? I’m pissed. And downgrading.

    Please someone tell me I’m wrong. That somehow the useless mission control is an improvement over spaces + expose.

    I am an aerospace engineering student + photography small business owner + stock market player and analyst. I can officially say I am more demanding than anyone I have ever met when it comes to computers/software and Lion is a big let down