Apple is in Front of Google and Behind Amazon in Forbes List of Most Innovative Companies [Report]


"Twilight in the Big Apple" •

Forbes has put together its list of the world’s most innovate companies, and the results are fairly shocking. Apple places fifth on the list, with Amazon sitting comfortably ahead at the number two spot. Google ranked a very surprising seventh place, with the number one spot going to

The question on everyone’s mind: How do you determine “innovation?”

Forbes explains:

“Questioning allows innovators to challenge the status quo and consider new possibilities; Observing helps innovators detect small details—in the activities of customers, suppliers and other companies—that suggest new ways of doing things; Networking permits innovators to gain radically different perspectives from individuals with diverse backgrounds; Experimenting prompts innovators to relentlessly try out new experiences, take things apart and test new ideas; Associational thinking—drawing connections among questions, problems or ideas from unrelated fields—is triggered by questioning, observing, networking and experimenting and is the catalyst for creative ideas.”

This list also considers what you would expect from a successful business, including things like market share, profits, growth and general buzz.

Other notable mentions include Starbucks at number 19, Nintendo at number 20, Adobe at number 54, and Apple’s lawsuit lover, HTC, at number 56.

What about Microsoft, you ask? Well, you’ll find the Redmond company nestled comfortably at number 86.

  • crateish

    Somebody at Forbes got a free Kindle.

  • lsla224
  • lintua

    Salesforce was at No.1, which made me to abandon reading the rest of the article.

  • AnupR

    I guess Forbes needs to be given a dictionary definition of “Innovation” ! Wonder why BurgerKing didn’t top the list !

  • SVZ eleven

    This is just stupid. “Experimenting prompts innovators to relentlessly try out new experiences”… How does Google get to seventh place with that afirmation? I love Apple, but you have to give that first place to Google just for the web experience….

  • lals94
  • David Renner

    I don’t know .. “Associational thinking” …Maybe they mean “Associative thinking” perhaps they could ‘Associate’ the innovative criteria in more detail for each candidate.

  • David

    Questioning I can go with as a driver to innovation… observing much less innovative, though it can trigger intuitive leaps; but networking? Networking is an organic and accidental way for things to happen and falls under the category of serendipity, not innovation; experimenting happens after new ideas are born and refine ideas; associations and integration and pattern recognition are true markers of innovation.

    I would put Google at #1 for truly innovative thinking, Apple at #2 for less innovation but much more polish and focus on the user experience, Amazon somewhere above 100. Their shotgun approach (sell books, music, movies, then everything on the planet) is not innovation, it’s ambition. Not the same thing.

  • lslsa211
  • theoPhobia

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Hampus

    Google innovating? Maybe the circles in google+…
    Other than that they are just following in others footsteps…

  • tiresius

    Cf.  Innovative      and the word used by the headline for this article, innovate.  [sic]

    Forbes list was for innovative companies, not innovate ones.  Even if Forbes list, like so many “Best of…” lists is subject to argument.  

    Now if Cult of Mac wants to publish its own list of the most “innonate” companies, that’s their business.  They might also publish their own list of “Top Pizzas,” “Top Party Schools,” etc.  Won’t necessarily make it so.

  • GrimWit

    Maybe Forbes should have been number 1 for coming up with this innovative list…

  • lslsa211
  • Richard Woods

    me thinkith thou needith to delve more deeply into the glory of Google Labs and see all the things they invented or recreated… thinking circles is it proves a very limited view of their innovation capeability

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  • jersey36