Make The Most Of Your Magic Mouse In OS X Lion [Video How-To]


magic mouse

OS X Lion includes a plethora of new gestures to enhance the user experience. While the majority of these gestures are based around the trackpad, the Magic Mouse still has more than a few new gestures. In this video, I’ll show you how you can use Lion’s new gestures to make the most of your Magic Mouse.

  • Jordan Clay

    I like the new option…but it is confusing going from my Mac Book Pro trackpad to my Magic Mouse.  There are so many new gestures I can’t keep them all straight,  especially since they are all different (very un-apple like)

  • jewel88

    Please show how does MagicPrefs impact the trackpad on Macbook Pro?

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    When Autodesk pays attention to both MM and the TrackPad i’ll use them.
    Until …I use Maya allot.

  • Michael Vlaming

    Forget MagicPrefs. BetterTouchTool is where it’s at. Triggering gestures isn’t as buggy and unreliable (MagicPrefs was really problematic for me in that department), it has quite a few more gestures to choose from, and the overall interface is nicer. It also includes a load of other settings to tweak for the MM and trackpad. I still run MagicPrefs, though, because it provides a nice battery display in the menubar.

  • Michael Steeber

    I would but I don’t have a MacBook. 

  • lals94
  • Xavier Hacking

    Great video! Thanks.

  • markypants

    I tried magic prefs mainly due to it’s ability to set up a middle finger click but it seems only to register the clicks 1 third of the time. I hope Apple sorts out some official gestures that work all the time.

  • Elliot George

    Magicprefs looks ok, but I can assure you it’s not as good as Jitouch. Some of you may notice that I harp on about it, but that’s only because it kicks ass! It has more customisable gestures and they look far more intuitive and effortless than the ones in this video. Dl the trial version. 

  • Brandon Chang

    ihave ji touch 2.2 and it doenst work anymore since i upgraded too lion =[ i miss it so much i need “maximise/left/right” gestures like aero snap

  • lslsa211
  • GrimWit

    Nice tutorial, thanks.

  • lsla89
  • Elliot George

    Yea, BTT and Jitouch are in the same league there.

  • Prince Edward

    nice tutorial…thanks a lot for this…appreciate the hard work….best regards….

  • Dickusmagnus

    A great video. But one must study long and hard to be able to master all of these gestures. learning sign language could be easier. Another problem is using another person’s OS machine that has been customized to the point that almost nothing is familiar.

  • lals122
  • lals122
  • linsha88
  • lals122
  • lsl56
  • lsl56
  • David Butt

    I agree. Michael’s contributions are becoming a better source of information, and the presentation continues to improve. 

  • Joe Baltimore

    This was a really good and informative video. I like using both the Magic Mouse and the Trackpad on my new iMac. My only problem is that I downloaded MagicPrefs and it doesn’t recognize my MM or TP, even though they are both turned on.

  • lsla79
  • djrobsd

    Pretty cool cultofmac.  These are the articles we like to see, not all that fanboy and other opinionated stuff.

  • lals82
  • Oliver Gardiner

    anyone finding the mouse is not heavy enough?…   my mouse does not always pick up the left-right motions, it’s just too uncomfortable.

    anyone else?

  • shucai96 

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  • Gabriel Ghidalevich

    Hi Michael, is here a way to go back and fwrd in the application? like on finder, to go back with a swipe, like in snow leopard? can u help me out brodah? 

  • Michael Steeber

    nope, just in Safari