Apple Is Within Spitting Distance Of Being World’s Most Valuable Company



Thanks to the massive stock selloff today, Apple is within $16 billion of displacing Exxon Mobil as the the world’s most valuable company.

At market close, Exxon Mobil’s stock fell $3.88 (4.9 percent) giving it a market cap of $366 billion. Apple’s stock fell too, but only $15.20 (3.87 percent) for a market cap of $350 billion. That puts Apple within $16 billion of Exxon. Two weeks ago, the gap was $50 billion. Any day now…

Via NYT.

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    if only you’d stop this sh*it

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    So if Apple does become the most valuable company on the planet does that mean Jobs will issue a public apology for his bullshit lies at D8 and finally take responsibility as knowing accomplices to worker abuse and suicides in China ? Oh wait the greedy iTards and cool aid swilling Apple Juice fan boys who own Apple stock would have a cow if they found out CrApple was throwing money at trying to improve working conditions in Foxxconn. Guess the answer to my question is a big fat NO.

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    God I hate you

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    Cult of inadequate comment moderation ;)

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    Wow, dude, Anger Management classes…

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    Put some ear plugs in your ears and cover your eyes because I’m gonna be running through the streets naked and yelling at the top of my lungs that Apple is the most powerful and wealthiest company on the freakin’ planet and that all the iHating mofos, the Droidtards and Wintards can stick it up their poop chutes.  I’m just hoping the world doesn’t fly off its axis and hurtle into the sun because of Apple becoming the greatest force in the solar system.  Damn it, boy!  The freakin’ revolution is taking place and you are nothing but a useless bystander.  Go, Apple, go!!!!  Crush the iHaters and knucklehead pundits who doubted Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field would change the whole damn computer industry.  To hell with the non-Apple using losers for they shall be cast out of the firmament forever.

    Watch my iTard victory dance, sucka.  Woooo-hoooooooo!  I’m shakin’ my moneymaker.

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    As a matter of interest, and by way of lighting the path ahead,  is there anything Apple has done in the past 5 years that meets with your highly developed personal standards?

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