Here’s To Hoping Apple’s Future Macs Charge Our Other Gadgets Like This [Video]



Following this morning’s discovery of a new Apple patent for inductive charging, MacRumors points to a video from WiTricity, the company that develops magnetic resonance charging technology, which demonstrates a much better method for wirelessly charging our Apple gadgets using our Macs as a power source.

MacRumors has drawn our attention to WiTricity’s technology before, which looks like the ideal way to charge our iOS devices — in addition to our Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and other gadgets.

The technology is based on the research from MIT’s labs and sends power wirelessly through the air to devices up to a few meters away using a magnetic field. What’s great about this technology is that it doesn’t need a special dock, it can be integrated into your computer, your television, and even your lighting.

Apple describes a scenario where your iMac could be the source of this resonance power to provide a virtual charging area in front of your computer. Keyboards, mice and even mobile electronic devices like the iPhone or iPad could be charged simply be being in a 1 meter proximity to your computer. In typical Apple fashion, they describe that “by doing away with clumsy and annoying cables and eliminating the need to replace batteries, an easy to use and efficient local computing environment can be provided to the user.

If you’re struggling to imagine how this technology would work with your iMac, watch the video above from 3 minutes 50 seconds to see WiTricity’s demo. I think you’ll agree this method looks far more appealing that Apple’s earphone tower charger thingy.

Here’s to hoping Apple’s uses WiTricity’s technology rather than its own on this occasion.