For Enterprise, The Only Thing That Tops The iPad Is The Phone



The iPad is being trounced in the enterprise. Good news for Apple, the iPad’s rival is another Cupertino product: the iPhone. The competitors are single-digit cellar-dwellers, according to a new study of business-oriented mobile devices.

A survey by enterprise cloud services provider Intermedia finds 57 percent of its connections are from iPhones, while 21 percent are from iPads. Motorola devices account for just nine percent with HTC handsets registering 8 percent of connections. Samsung, Nokia, Palm and LG collectively account for less than four percent, according to the numbers. The survey is of ActiveSync smartphones and tablets on Microsoft Exchange servers, eliminating BlackBerry counts.

Between the end of May and August, iPad enterprise activations jumped 102 percent over the previous period. The rise could be accounted for the adoption of “bring your own device” policies in more and more small enterprise firms. A number of enterprises, ranging from Wells Fargo to Mercedes Benz have adopted the iPad.

  • MarvihHarper

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  • djrobsd

    And this survey is scientific and prooves what exactly?  A “Cloud Services provider”… Ok, how about this… “DJ Rob launched a survey on his web site and found that 90% of all connections came from Apple devices and only 10% from non apple”… Oh wait, I have 20 visitors to my site a month… and most of them are my friends who use macs… so how scientific could that be?

  • Apple_Fanboy_News

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  • lsl833
  • Hampus

    Well I could definitely see a reason why iOS would be popular in businesses, superior mail capabilities to Android.
    On iOS i just log in to my yahoo and my school exchange server and it works, push mail for both and read/unread status is kept between device and server.

    On android however, the Gmail app is pretty good but the default app for other mail is a mess. First you log in, it actually mostly fixes the settings itself, but it then went ahead and grabbed all the mails I had on Yahoo and all showed as unread…
    Scratched that and went for what is supposed to be the best mail app for Android (out of the few that exist, really odd) and after having had to set up all the details for yahoo up myself it actually polled the server and everything looked great, then, during the day I notice that the advertised push mail does not work.
    Look like I will have to use Yahoos ugly app for my personal mail and some other app for school, and I can’t find one that works properly. Guess I’ll mostly be checking my mail on the iPhone and iPad.