Apple Places Order for 10 Million iPhone 5 Units Ahead of September Launch



It’s increasingly beginning to look like that rumor claiming the iPhone 5 won’t launch until October was incorrect. Not only has Apple reportedly sent the fifth-generation device for carrier testing — a step taken only weeks before a scheduled launch — but according to DigiTimes, the company has ordered 10 million iPhone 5 units expected to begin shipping in September.

The very short report begins:

Pegatron Technology has landed orders for 10 million units of iPhone 5 to become the second ODM of the smartphone. Shipments will start in September, according to industry sources.

Earlier this week, AllThingsD issued a report citing a “familiar source” that claimed the iPhone 5 would not arrive during September, but in October instead. However, a number of stories since then say otherwise; most notable is yesterday’s news that the device has already been sent to carriers for testing — a step which one source claims only happens a few of weeks before a device is set to launch.

DigiTimes also reports that in addition to the iPhone 5, Pegatron is aiming to compete for orders for Apple’s iPad, MacBook Air and other popular products — which have higher profit margins that the iPhone.

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  • Friends of Mac

    Holy Macaroni, Batman! It looks as if we might just see a new iPhone this quarter after all. Just let me know when and how to pre-order and I’ll be 1st in line!


  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    I am holding on to my iPhone 3G so far. This guy is beginning to shake and tremble now. I need iPhone launch in India soon.
    Please tell Jobs & Company to look east and send at least 1 Million handset to India as well.

  • AnupR

    I will be the second…right behind you in the iLine or the real one :)

  • RAReed

    I’ll beat you both to it!

  • gerenm63

    My wife and I will be in the line pretty soon after launch, too. While my 3Gs is going along okay, her first-gen iPhone is beginning to behave badly…

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Watch iPhone sales break all records within a day, a week, a month, a financial quarter.  There will, of course, be the usual lines around the block in every city that has an Apple store around the world.  When Apple said to RIM that it would be the last time BlackBerry sales ever exceeded iPhone sales, Apple wasn’t kidding.  20 million iPhone sales per quarter will be the low water mark starting with the iPhone 5.  25 million iPhone unit sales will likely be the ballpark figure for the holiday quarter.  iPhone demand will go through the roof and shortages will abound.  My one hope is that there won’t be any sequel to Antennagate by the knucklehead iHaters.

  • MarvihHarper

    I just paid $22.87 for an iPad 2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from,

  • techgeek01

    Watch when nobody is picking up an iPhone 5 and everybody is fleeing to Android, webOS, windows and Blackberry.  ;oP

    Joking aside,  people need to remember that webOS and Blackberry will have new phones around that time as well. (yes probably not an huge impact on iPhone sales, but there probably will still be an impact)  There will be a whole slew of window powered devices this fall, especially windows powered Nokia devices.  Yes, Nokia has slipped to spot #3 in smartphone sales, but they are still in #3 place they still play a huge part in smartphones.  Yes, not in america, but worldwide they still play a huge roll.  And lastly, we should not forget the Android devices, not including the next generation nexus device, but there will be a whole line-up of flagship phones.  SGSII?  has sold over 5 million phones worldwide and has not hit the U.S. yet.  Add to that? rumors has it it will be getting “refresh” (to put it simply) before it hits the States.  Meaning that the best phone out there (currently) will be better once it rolls into the States. Finally?  Nexus 3 will be coming right after the iPhone 5.  And the Nexus 3 is nothing to sneeze at. You’re talking about a phone that WILL blow the socks off everything once its released /AND/ will be on all carriers that iPhone 5 will be.  When will Google unveil it? Some say, about a week or two after the iPhone 5 is shown off?  That will not be good for apple, because since the nexus phone wont come out until holiday seasons (that what rumors are say) it gives Google enough time to see what Apple is doing and if need (IF NEEDED) do changes to simply destroy the iPhone before it even goes on sell.  Nexus phone?  is pure google. All these so-called problems you have with android?  completely gone with the Nexus phone.  iPhone 5 will be an amazing phone, it will knock the socks of everyone.  But the question people need to start asking is, What will Google do?  Because the success of the iPhone or the fail of the iPhone 5 is (bluntly) in Google’s hands.  Not it Apple’s hands, but Google hands.  Question #1, when will Google unveil the phone? If they do it within a week or two of the iPhone 5 unveiling, it could (really) shatter iPhone 5 sales big time. Question #2, what will Google do?  Will they put the Nexus 3 on all carriers and advertise the crap out it, so everybody knows that this phone is out there? What will the specs and software of the phone will be? Will their be multiple Nexuses devices, so, instead of one nexus device, there is a line-up of Nexus devices?  All we know is that Google has said that the Nexus device WILL blow the socks of everything. Yes, everything.  Is this a big deal, absolutely. Because the Nexus Phone WILL come out after the iPhone 5. It will be unveiled AFTER the iPhone 5. The future of the iPhone 5 is in the hands of Google.  What will Google?  Thats really the question. Because I guarantee you that majority of people will NOT be happy, if Google within a week or two unveils a phone that completely destroys the iPhone 5.   If you were going to say, nobody can make a better phone than Apple, you’re wrong.  Here is why.  The Nexus phone is the ONLY phone Steve Jobs fear.   Its the only phone that made Steve Jobs tremble.  Google Nexus phones should NOT be taking as a joke competitor to the iPhone.

    Basically, the Google Nexus 3 should not be taken lightly.  This is no wanna-be iPhone clone.  Nexus Phones have (always) been the best Android powered phone period. Want the best android experience possible? pick up a nexus device.  All these so-called problems android has? (literally) gone with the Nexus, you don’t have fragmentation with Nexus, you don’t have to wait for updates, you don’t have a device that somewhat works.  You have a device that is (bluntly) an iPhone on steroids.  Basically gives you all the advantages of iOS (well guess not the direct, iTunes advantage) and all the advantages of Android without the so-called problems.  This phone should not be taken lightly.  Basically, what will Google do? That’s the question you should be asking.  How is Google going to respond to the iPhone 5?  Because the future of the iPhone is all in the hands of the Nexus 3.  Why?  Timing.  Timing is the achilles heel of the iPhone 5.  The Nexus phones have always came around the holiday season.  Because IF Google slots in a conferences for the Nexus 3 within a week or two of the iPhone 5 (or before the iPhone 5 starts selling) its a clear indication they have something that will destroy it.  The question is, if the Nexus 3 completely shatters the iPhone 5, will consumers still buy the iPhone 5 or will the buy the Nexus 3?  Personally? I will go with the best device period. The best device. If it is the iPhone 5, it will be the iPhone 5.  If it is the Nexus 3, it will be the Nexus 3.  And I know several people who are on the same boat. If the iPhone 5 is the best, they will pick it up, if the Nexus 3 is the best, they will pick it up.

    The success of the iPhone 5 is all in Google’s hand.  Will Google make/unveil a phone that will completely shatter the success of the iPhone 5 or will they not?  The thing everybody needs to remember is that Google said at their IO conference (I believe it was the IO conference) that the next generation nexus WILL blow the socks off everything.  Key words.  WILL and everything. That includes the iPhone 5.  So lets see, Google said that the Nexus “3” WILL blow the socks off everything, Nexus “3” WILL be on carriers where the iPhone 5 will be sold.  Now, we just have to wait and see when the Google unveiling being and if they will advertise the crap out of it.

    So will the iPhone 5 break sales records?  Will there be huge lines for the iPhone 5?
    Well, webOS, Blackberry, android and windows phones/devices will put a damper into sales of the iPhone 5 and line-ups.  How big of a damper? all together? It probably could be a sizable chunk.  The answer to those two things (break sale records and huge lines) has to deal with the Nexus 3.  Because that device alone could take a huge chunk if not the ability almost wipe those things out. If there is any phone that can be a true iPhone killer, its the Nexus phones and Steve Jobs himself said it. “Google is trying to kill the iPhone and we won’t let that happen.” (Steve Jobs was talking about the Nexus One) 

    So, before we get into an argument over whats the best phone out there or will be, or how the Nexus 3 will (or will not) destroy the iPhone 5 in sales or whatever may else be the case, remember, iPhone 5 WILL come before the Nexus 3.  Nexus Phones have ALWAYS been the best Android phones out there period.  Google themselves said it WILL blow the socks off everything.  Apple themselves have not said that there will be a iPhone 5 and also did not say that it will blow the socks off everything.  Also, if Apple unveils the iPhone, most likely it will be in september, meaning it will be before the Nexus event.

    Right now, The odds are in favor for Google. I won’t go into the details, or otherwise this will be a novel.If you get anything from this, I hope it will be that GOOGLE NEXUS 3.  There will be a Google Nexus 3 and it will blow the socks off everything. File that away in your brain.  This is one damn important phone. Why? Because it could either make it or break Apple success in the smartphone market.  There is probably not another phone out there that Seve Jobs is terrified.  To tell you the truth, Jobs is most likely terrified of this particular phone than ALL android phones combined. Reason? he has no clue what Google has up their sleeve. If they really wanted to, they could kill the iPhone.  The question now is, Will they?  Well guess the most important question what if this all is true and the Google Nexus 3 destroys the iPhone 5? Period!  I mean flat out the best phone out there no questions about it.  Will people (especially iPhone users holding out for the iPhone 5) pick up the iPhone 5 knowing that is nowhere as good as the Nexus 3 or will those people pick up the Nexus 3?  This /REALLY/ can show the faith and trust of iPhone users.  Will iPhone users stick with apple or jump ship?  Because of right now 98% of iPhone users say that they will stick with the iPhone.  It would be disastrous for apple is that number drops like a rock.

    So, before we bite each other heads off, lets wait till this fall and see what happens.

    Do doubt, iPhone 5 will be an amazing phone.  But the competition will be tough this fall.

    But, who wins?  The consumer.  we will end up getting better phones, and that really is what matters.  ;oP

  • Rafael Santiago

    i already have a lil camping tent outside my local apple store!!! WWHHAAATTT!!!!

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5