Iomega Announces Its Mac Companion Hard Drive Which Fits Beautifully Under Your Mac & Charges Your iOS Devices


Iomega Mac Companion 1

Iomega has announced its latest external hard drive for Mac users today. Named the Mac Companion, the drives are available with either 2 or 3 terabytes of storage at 7,200 rpm and start at $195. But what’s great about this baby is it fits beautifully under your iMac and will also charge your iOS devices while you work.

In addition to that speedy 7,200 rpm hard drive, the Mac Companion connects to your computer via FireWire 800 to keep things nice and snappy, though you can hook it up via USB 2.0 as well if you’re lacking a FireWire port. The 2TB drive sports a price tag of $195, but for an additional $100 Iomega will throw in another terabyte, with its 3TB model at $295.

You may think the Mac Companion is a little pricey for a drive at those sizes, but it’s not too bad when you compare it to other FireWire 800 alternatives. Also, the Mac Companion also doubles as a hub for your other USB and FireWire connected devices.

It features two USB 2.0 ports and two FireWire 800 ports in the back, in addition to a high-powered 2.1 Amp USB charger on the side that will charge your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Iomega will even provide some cables to get you going, with one FireWire 800 cable, one FireWire 400-800 conversion cable, and one USB 2.0 cable thrown in as standard.

Then there’s the software: The Mac Companion also comes with Iomega’s QuikProtect software for simple, scheduled file backup; 2GB of free MozyHome online backup storage; and a free 12-month subscription to the Trend Smart Surfing protection for online shoppers.

The Mac Companion is designed to integrate beautifully with your Mac, sporting a svelte aluminum shell that’s shaped perfectly to sit on your iMac’s stand. There are even four LED lights on the front that indicate how much storage you have remaining.

  • Kevin Koh

    Off topic: But what company made the stand for the ipad?

  • Jdsonice


  • MacGoo

    Don’t think this is the one featured, but it’s close:

  • niunai58
  • Sunjay Morar

    But this will no doubt scratch my iMac pedestal which will ruin the look further.

  • firesign

    Anecdotal of course, but I had a 1tb Iomega external that consisted of two raided 500 gb drives. In less than two years of not even what I would call moderate use one of the drives died. This is not the first issue I’ve had with Iomega. I will not be buying any more of their products.

  • SeanMcConnor

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  • Rolando Gamez

    Ooh. Another 1st Generation Mac Mini design! I want a combo HD/DVD/Thunderbolt Dock/BD that matches the new Mac Mini!

  • MacRat


    Also, this is just a copy of the Other World Computing MiniStack drive.

  • djrobsd

    Go away troll.  How do we block these spammers from Cultofmac?

  • djrobsd

    That’s just way too spendy for something that looks cool. Nice they are trying to capitalize on the designs of Apple products, but honestly $200 bucks for 2TB?  Also, what a joke of a marketing photo. Notice there are no wires in the photo? That’s consumer deception because you’re going to have a wire sticking out the side of that drive going to the back of your imac which is going to ruin that precious clean look you were going for. If Iomega was smart they would have put the connector on the bottom of the drive and found a way to route a wire under it.

  • Apple_Fanboy_News

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  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

  • Guest

    I would also like to know what kind of stand that is for the iPad?

  • Ceetang

    I believe it’s that one.