iPhone App Takes Pics of Crimes in Progress


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Developed by a crime victim, a new app called ThugsMug promises to snap pics of perps while misdeeds are in progress to provide evidence.

Launched July 24, the $4.99 app bills itself as “World’s First Safety Protection App for iPhone & iPad 2.” That’s not strictly true, we’ve alerted you to a number of ICE (in case of emergency) apps like Silent Bodyguard which equips users with a panic button.
This may be the first one, though, that activates your camera to capture evidence at regular intervals.

The developer suggests you activate ThugsMug in potentially dangerous situations, putting it in “armed” mode when at ATM machines, parking lots, bus stops, subways, train stations and malls, or while on vacation or walking or jogging alone.

Should danger strike, by hitting “active,” the app sends email messages with pictures to your designated emergency contacts. It can be set to take pictures every 10 seconds, with flash if your device supports it. The app will also alert 911, too.

The person who developed it was victim of a motorcycle jacking incident, which ended up in a crash and violent beating. There were witnesses, but no one was ever caught.

The developer, who remains nameless in the account, says:

“Reflecting back, I wish I could have captured a picture of them the moment I jumped up from the crash. I had immediately grabbed my phone from my back pocket and had it in my hand when I was assaulted however, my phone did nothing more than block a few blows. Even if they had taken my phone and destroyed it, the pictures would have already been automatically sent to my emergency contact.”

Do you think these emergency apps are useful?

  • Fernando Pereira

    Actually, this isn’t original. ResQ was launched earlier this year (last update in May) – http://itunes.apple.com/ne/app

  • bav144

    Check out this awesome apple blog!


  • Sally Dahlsten

    These apps look powerful, at least to me. Hope these applications will be as helpful to the police as to the general public.

  • openxcell

    ThugsMug is a Safety Protection App.  This app is designed for protect human safety.
    Thugs Mug is designed to capture potential evidence of a crime, or prevent the
    crime from happening altogether.  With
    this Thugs Mug app, you protect yourself, Protect Your Kids, Prevent Crimes, Capture
    Evidence, Automatically Dials 911, Record and Communicate GPS Information, Create
    a Safer Environment for Our Loved Ones, Could Save Lives etc. iPhone News App

  • nthnm

    If I’m about to be robbed, assaulted or raped, my first thought isn’t going to be to activate an app. Good idea though.

  • Jeanette West

    The App is actually $2.99, & the idea is to walk with the App already activated. My husband was nearly killed and left with zero evidence & the only way that he could fight back was by creating this app in hopes that it may help save a life one day.  Thanks for the feedback it is greatly appreciated!  :)  

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5