Can iPads Make Senators More Efficient?


CC-licensed, thanks henribergius on Flickr.
CC-licensed, thanks henribergius on Flickr.

All the senators in the West Virginia Legislature will tote iPads in a move to make them more efficient politicians.

“We’re the first legislative chamber that I’m aware of that’s using the iPad 2 technology to assist their members in tracking bills, following bills, following amendments right here on the floor so we don’t have to shuffle through all the papers that we’ve had to do historically in the past.” said acting senate president Jeff Kessler.

They may be the first — unless you count some senators in Nebraska who have  traded in laptops for iPads  — and this looks like a way to legitimize the tools lawmakers already find useful.

Politicos around the globe have admitted to using Apple’s “magic device” at work. The Americans say it’s “wonderful” during congressional hearings, Brits experiment and most of the German legislators look like they are at least answering emails and Italian lawmakers appear hard at play with iDevices.

The West Virginia Senate spent a total of about $30,000 to equip its 34 senators with the iPad 2. The tablet computer comes kitted out with an app, the first of its kind they say, to allow senators to access information in a bid to go paperless.

To ensure that the politicos are not all thumbs on the new touch devices, a special orientation session was held.

“We’re confident this is going to work out,” Kessler said.

Sources: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

  • Jarek Tabor

    What kind of iPad stand is there ?

  • Nepodevil

    At least with a iPad the tech support would be minimal. I can imagine with laptops there was a lot of tech support tickets etc. The real question is if they are giving them iPads and laptops. Then the idea makes no sense. Desktop in there office, iPad when they are in chambers, and then a laptop to take home. If this is true then the cost will not balance with the benefit.  It would make more sense to have the representatives purchase their own iPads to use in chambers.

  • W.T.Effyall

    Senators, efficient? That would be magical!

  • Equality 7-2521

    Hey, I can’t afford one but I’m glad my taxes can buy these senators new toys. I wonder though, will they use their new iPads when they sue apple for antitrust (being “too successful”)?

  • RalphPatins

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  • Jacopo A

    let’s just hope they’ll be more focused than their italian counterparts:

  • arditya pramayoga

    efficiently play angry birds

  • Jeff

    U.S. Senators? No way!

  • imajoebob

    Can a Steinway piano make Senators better musicians?  About as likely (and logical)