The iPhone 5 Could Double Apple’s Marketshare To Over 50% [Report]



Although we don’t know exactly when Apple will release the iPhone 5, one feature of the next-gen handset is clear: the pent-up demand could double Apple’s smartphone marketshare. A recent survey found nearly half of Android owners want iPhones.

Apple’s marketshare “could more than double throughout the next round of phone purchases,” writes Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, citing the results of a survey of 216 mobile phone users. Apple’s iPhone now has 29 percent of the U.S. share, while Android-based smartphones had 17 percent of the survey respondents.

However, Munster found 64 percent of persons surveyed plan to buy an iPhone as their next smartphone. This means Apple’s share of the U.S. smartphone market could jump from 29 percent to 64 percent on the iPhone 5’s release, reasons the analyst.

Of those surveyed not planning to buy either an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone, 28 percent said they would buy a BlackBerry, while 11 percent chose “Other.” Just 15 percent of Munster’s survey said their next mobile phone would not be a smart model.

Another interesting tidbit coming from the survey results also suggests Android has a weak tie to consumers. While 94 percent of current iPhone owners said they plan to buy another iPhone, just 47 percent of Android smartphone users said they would buy another Google-powered handset. Probably the best sign of a bright future for iPhone growth.