Apple to Unveil Three HDTVs in 2012 — Just in Time for Reruns to Ends [Report]


Photo by blakespot -
Photo by blakespot -

Apple might unveil three high-definition TV models in 2012, an analyst told investors over the weekend. Unlike previous rumors, this one includes a slew of details about the hardware and price. But do specs from unnamed developers make this version any more believable?

According to Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research, the Cupertino, Calif. company will “probably” launch three HDTV models in March of next year. But get your salt ready, because this new report, although detailed, relies on unnamed developer sources. Even the analyst tells investors the information is likely 75 percent accurate.

So, dismissing the 25 percent of the report probably wrong, let’s continue with the rumor. The closest existing HDTV is the Bose VideoWave, according to Chowdhry. The VideoWave includes a 46-inch LCD HDTV using three cables to connect 16 integrated surround-sound speakers in a package just six inches wide. Faithful to its love of small things, Apple’s supposed HDTV is even tinier than the Bose gadget.

The Apple HDTV is rumored to be just two inches thick but include 16 built-in speakers, the analyst says. The Apple unit will rely on just one cable, rather than the Bose’s three. The rumored Apple HDTV also offers three screen sizes and three price-points, according to the analyst.

Finally, the Apple device will be powered from as-yet un-produced DSP chip from the Cupertino, Calif. company’s PA Semi, claims the expert. The whole package supposedly will be part of the June 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference.

This is far from the first time an analyst has suggested Apple is getting into the TV business. In June, Piper Jaffray’s prominent Apple-watcher Gene Munster predicted iCloud could make such an unlikely scenario as the smartest tech company jumping into the most commoditized industries. I can’t wait until the summer re-runs ends and we get fresh rumors to dispel.

  • Doug Bursnall

    What is the differentiator, Apple will need some hook to get people to buy into its more expensive TV. For this to be real, there needs to be something more thank AirPlay and Thunderbolt going on.

  • Wayne_Luke

    With technology changes, it will be more economical to keep the television as a dumb box and simple display terminal. With HDMI it is easy enough to plug in a smart box like an HTPC, Mac Mini or even the current AppleTV. You can upgrade the smart box independently of the display and maximize your investment over time.

    Sure some people will buy integrated units but it doesn’t make much sense.

  • imajoebob

    How does this fit anything in Apple’s business model?  Name one product introduction by Apple into an established, overcrowded market.  It’s just dumb people saying dumber things in an effort to look smart.

  • pennstate

    Check out this awesome apple blog! 

  • Trevor

    The iPhone.  I would call the mobile phone market “an established, overcrowded market”.

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    Hmm… I smell some ‘Smart TV’ thing here…

  • imajoebob

    No, it wasn’t. There were a few true “smartphones,” but the market was still very young and very sparse. Before the iPhone a smartphone had a 1.5″ screen and you would use the number pad to type like an SMS. There was no one who could both surf and talk, no one with serious phone-based applications, and no one with a true touch screen. The crappy phone market was established and overcrowded. Apple wasn’t the first smartphone, but they made it an established category.