Permanently Give Apps In Lion Open Window Amnesia [OS X Tips]



Apple has introduced a new feature in Mac OS X Lion called Resume. Resume will automatically reopen all the windows you had open the last time you used an app after you relaunch it.

Not a bad trick for some apps, but for some others it can quickly be really annoying. Here’s a tip on how you can permanently avoid it altogether.

A couple of days ago I gave you a tip on how you can give individual applications open window amnesia, but today I’ll show you how to permanently give your whole system open window amnesia.

If you’ll recall from last time some apps like Microsoft Excel bundled in Office 2011 for Mac don’t work well with Resume and actually can generate errors or just act unexpectedly.  Meanwhile other apps like Preview reopen so many previously used windows that they can be pretty annoying.

The solution you can use to permanently turn resume off is tucked away inside of System Preferences. So if you haven’t already launch System Preferences and then open General Preferences.

Now look for the option labeled Restore windows when quitting and re-opening applications and remove the check mark to turn it off. Now your Mac will now longer restore windows for all applications when quitting and re-opening them.

  • Mark Hughes

    I like it on some.. and not on other’s. Need an option to disable for some applications, enable for others.

  • Fabio D

    I would like to know how to permanently remove the check “re-open the application at startup” in the shut down menu.

  • swengoodwood

    Can you figure out how to get rid of the checkmark box on the shutdown confirmation that asks the same question every time you shutdown or restart?

  • kavok

    There has been a lot of these articles on CoM lately on how to disable Lion stuff.  Why bother upgrading to Lion if you’re just going to make it back into Snow Leopard?  Save yourself the trouble of the download and just stick with SL.

  • TZX4

    This article & comments has me thinking.  After two weeks, I must say there is nothing Lion does that improves my daily Mac use, and it caused me to spend money to get apps needed to replace old but still very useful PPC apps.
    Mission Control, so prominently hyped, is a failure for me. The functionality and ease of use of spaces+expose is gone.It seems that Apple wants to make new to the OSX platform customers coming in from Microsoft and iOS feel more comfortable, and sacrificing functionality in the process.This is the most difficult OSX.x change in user modalities I have experience since 2002.I still have an open mind in all of this. There may be some paradigms I just don’t understand just yet. I also am optimistic that Apple will listen to its customers and fix some things. They have in the past, Stacks comes to mind.It is interesting how much I have heard on the net that  people are disabling the new Lion features, and it is a bit interesting that Apple itself has provided means to do that built right in.Hey Apple! If for some reason you want people on OSX 10.7, then you do have some homework to do. The four Mac users closest to me (friends & family) will not go to 10.7 because they all depend on PPC apps they do not care to, or want to replace.

  • netnerd258

    I have utilized resume a few times so far, hated it at first, but the 2 times I’ve used it, it was very convenient, had a bunch of stuff open, someone else wanted to use the Mac, so I just logged off (no fast user switching) and resumed afterwards.

    Since I have the habit of hitting cmd-q for every app before shutdown normally, I just let the resume checkbox stay checked during shutdown, read somewhere Apple knows about this bug.

  • MarvihHarper

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  • jongar jabbar

    resume doesnt work
    i quit my safari and when i relaunched it all my tabs were gone
    had to do the “restore tabs from last session”
    what use is resume?

  • SocialWebAcademy

    Great tip, this feature has been a pain in my side for a week now!