Worst Unauthorized Apple Giveaway Ever? iPod Awarded to Woman who Guessed Amy Winehouse Death


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Of all the product tie-ins Apple never approved, getting an iPod for predicting a death has got to be the worst.

Cynical journos have long had newsroom betting pools on when public figures would meet their makers but website whenwillamywinehousedie.com brought that gallows recreation to the Internet public back in 2007.

The prize? An iPod Touch.

“Since we launched this site we’ve had hundreds of thousands of hits, 237 hate mails telling us we’re the devil in disguise and 96,026 people who left their predictions,” reads a note posted on the site two days after Winehouse’s death. “Out of all those entries only 4 were correct. The first person to do so did it on December 21st 2007 and we’ve called her the winner of the iPod Touch. We will be contacting her via email.”
The bare-bones site features pics of the singer at her most disheveled and out-of-sorts along with a form inciting readers to “use the form to guess Amy’s final breath and be crowned Mr. Or Mrs. Death.”

The thinking behind the macabre game?

According to the anonymous site makers: “We’ll all have a date with our maker someday, but Amy Winehouse just can’t seem to wait. She can write and sing a beautiful tune, but for some reason Amy has landed in a self-destruction derby…Guess her final breath and be crowned Mr. Or Mrs. Death. Winner will be rewarded with a iPod Touch.”

Via E!online

  • Brandon

    Thats totally sick! Whats even more stupid is you guys published this. Whats even more stupid is I spent the time to respond

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Amy Winehouse had a death wish, so it’s not like anyone was pushing or hoping for her to die.  Followers of Amy just figured it was inevitable from the type of lifestyle she lived.  She didn’t even want rehabilitation.  I doubt if Amy herself would have found this giveaway sick.  She liked to take risks and the odds went against her.  That was her decision.  Some people burn bright for a short while and their life ends.  Whether she was popular or talented or not, her life probably would have ended the same way.  Drug addiction is makes staying alive all that harder to do.

  • pennstate

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  • karmamule

    I’m not sure which I find more offensive: that site and its bet, or pennstate’s unthinking use of these comments for a lame spam comment.  :-p

  • linzheng1
  • GooneyGooGoo

    What a horrible prize too!  I hope the winner sold it and bought some real hardware.


  • Tarama Gomes

    I found something great here!


  • Brandon Dillon

    lol what a sad little blog full of misinformation

  • Al

    If we correctly guess who “Staff Writer” is, do we win an iPod touch? :)

  • dongche70
  • dongche70
  • pennstate

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  • Jack G

    That’s just sick

  • AvoidDroid

    I’m sure she did, seeing as how she’s so full of ethical weakness she’s bound to be an android fan.

  • Dario Christian Kyle

    Agree, it’s pathetic!

  • ggore

    At the risk of sounding crass, Winehouse’s death was a foregone conclusion, from all the way back to the release of “Rehab”.   One could see this train wreck coming from a mile away, and the whole thing stopped being “sad” years ago.     The death of a human being is a sad thing, but when that human being has NO intention of seeking help and rejects all help that is given to her, then it’s free-range time on whatever happens. 

  • Cherie Rojas

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  • Zulvianes Budiman

    May them got forgiveness for doing that.

  • KaosuM

    Didn’t know posting the truth about a product was considered misinformation.

    I thought misinformation was the act of spreading false/inaccurate information.

  • BrianVoll

    Someone correctly predicted her death 4 years ago… Hmm… Why do I think this might have been some kind of setup.