Apple Sells More iPads Every Two Weeks Than Motorola Sells Xooms In a Year [Report]


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Apple sold 9.2 million iPads in the last business quarter of 2011, and the company’s CFO even went on record to say that Apple is selling “every iPad we can make.” This has been evidenced by the delayed shipping times for the iPad 2 since its release, with the tablet finally receiving a normal online shipping estimation only a couple weeks ago.

To contrast the iPad’s unprecedented success in the consumer tablet market, the Motorola Xoom shipped 440,000 units last quater. And, no, “ship” does not mean “sold.”

Motorola expects to sell 1-1.5 million Xooms by year’s end, while Apple sells 1.5 million iPads every two weeks.

That’s what you call a zinger.

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