Sorry, TechCrunch! Your So-Called iPhone 4 “Lite” Is Just A Cheap Chinese Conversion Kit



Photos published by TechCrunch this morning reportedly claim to be of the upcoming “iPhone Lite,” with panels made from plastic rather than glass, and a “metal banding around the edge.” However, I’m adamant it’s just a poor quality white iPhone 4 conversion kit. What do you think?

The images were first posted to the Vietnamese forum Tinhte, which TechCrunch notes has been “correct in the past.” The reason for belief that this might be an “iPhone Lite” is purely based on the device’s lack of glass panels. Instead, it’s made from “two translucent plastic sheets and metal banding around the edge,” which would make the device cheaper to build, and therefore cheaper to buy.

To me, this looks like nothing more than an iPhone 4 with a cheap, poor quality white conversion kit applied. I have personally purchased white iPhone 4 conversion kits on eBay, one of which was incredibly cheap and made from plastic rather than glass. When applied to my device, it looked exactly like the device in these photographs.

And as for that metal band around the edge, I really can’t see from these photos how the metal band is any different to that on the current iPhone 4. Can you?

As I said, I don’t think this is anything other than an iPhone 4 with a cheap white conversion kit. However, I’ve been wrong before. What do you think?

  • JShep4815

    Techcrunch is a chop shop.

  • Stacy Webb

    Not to mention they are showing it running Cydia. So not only do they have shots of a “prototype” but they’ve jailbroke it too? I call BS.

  • GlobalSoldier

    Might a dumb question… But what’s a conversion kit?

  • KillianBell

    It’s a kit that provides the parts needed to turn a black iPhone 4 into a white one.

  • Stagueve

    A conversion kit with “XXXX” instead of Serial and ID numbers… I don’t think so… ;) But fake printed antennas separation on the back looks really weird to me…

  • Stagueve

    A kit with colored parts (for example) to customize your iPhone

  • jayoen

    The front of the iPhone clearly has a matte screen protector on it. You can see the edges around the speaker and home button and also the home button is glossy so it’s most likely just an iPhone with a matte screen protector on it.

  • TheMacAdvocate

    Of all the so-called news sources covering this, Cult of Mac was the only one I’ve seen that actually offered an opinion on its validity. Most of them were content to drivel “Could this be the iPhone Light?” headlines, something I think underscores just how awful most sites on the Apple beat have become. I just added you guys to my bookmark shortlist.  

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

  • yoyo aoda

    I got these iphone conversion kits here, really works nice.