Some Users Being Charged Over 100 Times For OS X Lion




At $29.99, Lion was priced so cheap that everyone could afford the upgrade. Everyone except John Christman, that is, who found that his PayPal account was charged $3878.38 by Apple.

According to Christman, his PayPal account was charged 121 times the amount of the Lion upgrade, while both Apple and PayPal pointed fingers of blame at each other.

Now he’s broke. Even though Christman says his PayPal account lists the purchases as refunded, he hasn’t seen any money back.

“Apple claims there was only one transaction. When I told PayPal to dispute them, they closed the cases and marked the items as refunded on the 23rd. Bear in mind all this money was taken and never returned yet.”

“My mortgage is due in 2 days, and thanks to them, I don’t have the money.”

Christman, for some reason, believes the issue is related to the new iCloud feature allowing you to automatically download previous purchases, but to us, this sounds like something bigger… and sure enough, the Apple Support forums are filled with complaints about similar issues.

[via MacRumors]