iFunner iTur iPhone 4 Case not Really Funner [Review]



Review by Jordan Trimas

The iFunner iTur is a hard-shell iPhone 4 case that incorporates a wallet compartment, in which you can store a few credit cards and your ID, accessed through a hinged door.  But is it really funner than other cases? Nope.

The Good:

It’s a great concept for those who want to leave their purse or wallet at home when out at a bar, especially now that the iPhone is becoming something of a digital wallet itself.

The Bad:

But if you a persnickety consumer like me, you’ll find that the iFunner is a poor wallet replacement and offers mediocre protection for your cherished iPhone.

Problems in design and construction — the door is at times difficult to open, and other times opens too easily — and cheap-feeling materials (it feels like the same kind of brittle plastic used to make those model airplanes) combine to leave me with worrisome questions: Will my credit card be there after I finish talking on the phone? If my phone takes a half-foot drop, will it still work?

It’s also pretty bulky.


At $45, this case has many improvements to make before I’d consider slapping it on my iPhone.

[xrr rating=40%]