“How Do I Insert a CD to the iPad 2?” [Humor]



I’m not sure whether this guy over on the Apple Support forums is genuine, or whether he’s set up this thread purely for fun, but either way it’s hilarious. Having recently purchased an iPad 2, ‘Michael K. W’ is seriously considering returning his device to the Apple store because he cannot get his CDs inside.

I’m trying to put a cd into the iPad 2 to play a track but the slot underneath the screen won’t allow me. What can I do?

One helpful user tries to help Michael troubleshoot his problem, while another simply tells him to keep trying, and then suggests:

Yes you should return it and buy a MacBook Air, cd’s fit better in them.

Without a fix for his problem, Michael asks whether it’s possible to get an external CD drive to accompany his iPad, and then demands, “Apple should really release a fix for this!”

That’s impossible. Apple made a device that can’t play CDs?

A number of users try explaining to Michael that the iPad doesn’t play CDs, while many more offer unhelpful but witty responses that only add to the hilarity.

If this is a genuine thread, I actually feel quite sorry for Michael, but I’m convinced he’s more of a comedy genius than a technological halfwit.

  • Jose Castell

    If he wanted to play Cd’s he should’ve gotten an iPod touch.

  • Janie Lynn Kenøbi

    what’s a CD?

  • Un_FollowMe

    A code name for condom.

  • Tim Pease

    Perhaps he can jailbreak it, install mobile terminal and type cd\.  I bet that will get him up and running ;)

  • Tim Pease

    Perhaps he can jailbreak it, install mobile terminal and type cd\.  I bet that will get him up and running ;)

  • dale2000

    It was a test.

  • AlecTheFirst

    While I did enjoy this, I hate how pretentious some people on there are. They basically tell him he’s too stupid to own one since he didn’t know how to use the hardware before he bought it.


  • ErinsDad

    Perhaps he’s having a ‘Zoolander’ moment – – “The files are in the computer!!!”

  • Junaidkureshi

    I had the same problem, so i returned my ipad2 to Apple, after couple of weeks i got the replacement with CD rom in it.

  • vanmacguy

    Or maybe he knows something that we don’t? Like the iPad3 will have a CD drive built in?

    This could be a leak?

    Does anyone have a MacBook Air and a separate SuperDrive? Can you hook it up to the iPad with the Camera connector?

    Before people take this seriously, I’m kidding.

  • Shiin

    I bet he is trying to copy cd music into Ipad…

  • JDNY

    I got my replacement with a dvd drive, you should have asked for it!!

  • Kong KH Kong

    oh, that is too small for CD don’t you think? iPod touch play only MD~~~

  • KateMacVerde

    I guess since I’m someone who researches hardware thoroughly before buying, I really do find him to be too stupid to own one. How can you not research what you’re buying before you spend $500-700?

  • Junaidkureshi

    I just checked, its actually DVD combo.

  • Ashli Norton

    Awesome find! LOVE IT.

  • AnupR

    maybe I’ll write an app for DAT :) heh heh