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Germans Enter iPhone Universal Remote Ring with New VooMote One



Judging by the name “VooMote One” — the name German-based came up with for its just-launched VooMote One app-enhanced universal remote for iPhone — German words sometimes don’t translate too well into English. Hopefully its super-customizable app will do all the talking.

Unlike many other iPhone universal remote hardware, the $99 VooMote One (visions of the alpha bull in a herd of red-eyed electronic bovines flash through my mind every time I type that) is a case that slides onto the iPhone, rather than a dongle. It communicates with the free VooMote One (moooo) app to display info and controls for any number of stereo, DVD, TV (etc) remotes that’ve been programmed into it by the user.

What makes the VooMote One (MOOOO!!) special, says, is its well-designed app’s highly customized controls. From the press release:

With VooMote One you can utilize the “One View” feature, which allows the user to create personalized and multiple device remote control layouts. Meaning you can easily lower the volume on the stereo while pressing play on your favorite DVD in a matter of seconds. By also using the “One Touch” feature you can create an entire chain of commands with a single click. So with the press of one button you can turn on your TV, turn on your DVD player, and hear all of the action on your surround sound speakers.