Get Ready to Shred: Griffin’s StompBox Finally Ships



Ever since we drooled over Griffin’s StompBox at CES, the more musically intrigued members of our gang have been eagerly waiting for the jazzed-up, four-switch pedal box to actually arrive (I’m pretty sure our Lonnie Lazar has been sitting there, forlorn and imploring, like some lost, guitar-wielding puppy). Wait’s over, Lonnie — it’s here.

We haven’t spent time with the StompBox yet (beyond a brief introduction at the show), but it definitely strikes us as potentially one of the cooler app-enhanced gadgets out there. Connect the StompBox to an iDevice (and your electric guitar and an amp with the included GuitarConnect cable), launch the free iShred LIVE app (which comes with three free effects) and you’ll be able to adjust the effects settings on your iDevice, and switch between the three free effects, on the fly, using the StompBox. And there’re a whole mess more effects available through in-app purchase for a buck each.

The StompBox sells for $100 and also works with Qscript ($8), Griffin’s teleprompter app.

  • alesie77

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  • McSizzle

    Not to be a pooh… But this has been available at the Apple retail stores for at least 2 weeks now, if not longer.

  • jamiepruitt

    Yeah, I was considering buying it a few weeks ago, but I’m unsure if it works with Amplitube.