Google Books Is Back On The App Store, In Full Compliance With Apple’s IAP Rules


  • CharliK

    Everyone is making a huge deal out this but really. Apple set a deadline and then gave them 3 more weeks to comply. They didn’t get the app in on time to be seemlessly approved so it was pulled. In accordance with the rules they agreed to from day one. 

    They submitted the update, it was approved and the app returns. It’s not like while it was gone it stopped working for the folks that already had it

  • ralphtweety

    I like all of my book purchases and management in-App anyway.  Ok we’re good.

  • djrobsd

    I’d like to extend a huge middle finger to Apple for their short sightedness, their greed, and downright arrogance. I, for one, will make sure I do all my purchasing and signing up for services OUTSIDE of the app so that Apple doesn’t see a dime of my money. Apple should NOT be taking money from other companies just because the app was installed in the app store, that is just down right greed and I hope the FTC and the DOJ get involved in this at some point.. Hello Google, you have BILLIONS of cash, so why don’t you sue them???

  • Chase Hausman

    Don’t use abbreviations in your title. It is confusing to people who don’t know what you are talking about.

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5