Developers Can Begin Syncing iCloud Data Now With OS X Lion 10.7.2



Developers running iOS 5 on their Apple mobile devices have been able to fiddle with iCloud since shortly after it was announced at WWDC in June. However, without iCloud on their Mac as well, they to sync your bookmarks, calendars, photo stream, and documents. Until now!

Apple’s has now begun seeding OS X 10.7.2 to its registered developers. The release appears to feature no significant changes, other than the introduction of the iCloud beta 5 — which will allow you to sync all your iCloud data between your iOS device and your Mac.

But what happened to OS X 10.7.1? Well, it is believed this release simply contains bug fixes and will be available shortly via Software Update.

Developers trying to find 10.7.2 in Apple’s Developer Center may have noticed that it’s not available through the regular Mac portal. Instead, you’ll have to find it within the iCloud Downloads section.

[via MacRumors]

  • Andrew Wong

    Does it sync keychains, and dock info as well? That’s critical.

  • Chris Brunner

    It will be nice to have the rest of the iOS using world running iCloud accounts. Now we’ll all have FaceTime and common .me email accounts etc… Plus, those of us who have been using .Mac/MobileMe get to keep our accounts for another year while Apple gets all of the hiccups worked out of iCloud.