Good News, DIYers! New MacBook Airs Have User Upgradeable SSDs



The boys over at iFixIt have started their teardown of the 2011 13-inch MacBook Air, and while much of the construction is similar to last year’s models, there is some good news for DIY upgraders: contrary to rumors, the SSDs have not been soldered to the board, meaning that you can upgrade your Air’s storage down the line.

Otherwise, iFixIt doesn’t have much to report this time around, except for an explanation of the omission of a FaceTime HD webcam in the Air: the thinness of the display makes it pretty much impossible to put a beefier camera in there at this time. Good to know.

  • Iphoneication

    reason number 2 to get a new air, lol, i have a 2009 13 inches with 120 gig drive,, was thinking about adding 128 ssd to it,, for 250,, but,, hum,, new air sounds so good! 

  • Chris Brunner

    This just made my decision a NO BRAINIER! I’m getting the cheaper 13″ model~

    Check out this article about the Air and what it means for physical media:

  • c.t

    No offense dude, but why do you always put some form of link to FOM??

  • Ed

    He does it because it helps the search engine rankings to his site.
    I find his links to be helpful.

  • Gheedsgreed

    wtf, steve didn’t spend his time making this beautiful machine so you could desecrate it with your dirty hands