New York City Man Force Feeds His Girlfriend’s iPhone To Her



Well, that’s one way to end an argument about last month’s AT&T bill. A New York man has apparently been arrested after trying to ram his girlfriend’s iPhone down her throat.

37-year old patent attorney Brian Anscomb allegedly force fed his 23-year old girlfriend an iPhone during a fight on early Saturday, leaving bruises and cuts around her mouth.

Anscomb apparently has quite the temper, and his assaults seem to usually involve a cellphone in some capacity. In fact, it appears that the iPhone he tried to jam into his girlfriend’s mouth was a replacement for her last smartphone, which he snapped in half during a fight they had even earlier in the month. Bet she wishes she’d gotten a smaller, more easily digested smartphone, like an Veer, as a replacement instead.

Anscomb’s lawyer denies all charges.