Is Apple Satan’s Stock? Analyst Raises Shares to $666


Apple's hit a devilish stock price.
Apple stock could hit a devilish price!
Photo: Little Visuals/Pexels CC

Following Apple’s gangbuster third-quarter and this morning’s drop of new hardware and software, stock of the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant is taking on other-worldly proportions. Indeed, one Wall Street expert has raised his estimate to $666. Has Satan become an Apple fan?

Although Ticonderoga Securities’ Brian White is not usually the fire-and-brimstone type, he gave the impression Apple would be perfect for Hades. “Looking to into the second-half of 2011, we believe Apple enjoys the hottest tech portfolio for the back-to-school season and holidays,” the analyst said Wednesday.

After raising his fiscall 2011 estimates on Apple sales to $132.1 billion, White increased his price target for Apple shares to $666, from $612.

But I always thought the PC was the Devil’s desktop?