Get Free OS X Lion Update Via Apple’s Up-To-Date Program [Updated]




Apple announced Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on June 6th and shortly there after renamed it to OS X Lion. If you are using either the client or server version of OS X Snow Leopard and you purchased a Mac on or after June 6th you are eligible for a free OS X Lion update under specific circumstances.

If you purchased a new Mac between June 6th and July 20th Apple will provide you with a free copy of OS X Lion. Customers purchasing Macs on or after July 21st that do not include OS X Lion are also eligible. The free copy of OS X Lion will be provided through the Lion Up to Date program.

Customers are now able to download the new operating system for free from the Mac App Store after qualifying for the Up-to-Date program. This will be the only location from where you’ll be able to get your free copy.

If you bought your Mac prior to June 6th you’ll have to shell out $29.99 for the desk top version of OS X Lion or $49.99 for the server version of OS X Lion.

The free update offer is only valid for 30 days after you’ve purchased your Mac and the clock  started ticking today. OS X Lion was released today July 20th so you’ll have 30 days from today to claim your free copy before the offer expires. According to Apple orders for free updates must be placed by August 19th, 2011.

Lion is one of the best if not the best release of OS X since it first shipped over 10 years ago. I’m excited about the release of OS X Lion and you should be too.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your free copy of OS X Lion now!

Updated 07/20/2011 at 8:08am PDT: Users are reporting problems in the comments about their attempts to get a redemption code from Apple for their free copy of OS X Lion. The problem appears to be with computers purchased through the Apple online store and does not seem to affect Apple Store retail purchases (i.e. like my recent iMac purchase). The system doesn’t recognize some of the serial numbers being submitted. According to the same comments Apple is aware of this issue and expects a resolution later today. I’ll reach out to Apple for more information.

  • raking

    As expected, this seemingly seamless up-to-date process is not working.  Serial numbers of Apple Online Store purchases are not being recognized by Apple’s servers.  Apple claims this is a known issue and they are trying hard to resolve it – “try back in a few hours” is the instruction given.  Didn’t they have over a month and a half since June 6h to figure this out???

  • 4TheLuvOfVodka

    I am experiencing the same issue.

  • DavidWMartin

    Gentlemen are you saying the redemption code you got from Apple’s website isn’t working? – David W. Martin
    Note: I received my code this morning for the system I purchased at a local Apple Store this morning, but I did not download the installer yet.

  • Matt Bennett

    Same problem here. On hold w/ Apple to see if they have an ETA for this problem.

  • Bob

    Same here, I cannot receive my online redemption code via the online process because Apple doesn’t recognize my serial number.  Also, i cannot access the “web form” website any longer to try to request the redemption code there.

  • Matt Bennett

    The Apple Store technician said to “check back in a few hours”….

  • raking

    No.  Actually I can’t obtain the redemption code as my serial number is not being recognized by the Apple Store server.  I actually bought two MacBook Pros and neither of the serial numbers is being recognized.  Just how difficult was it to ensure this would work for Apple’s online customers prior to the release of Lion?  

  • 4TheLuvOfVodka

    I haven’t been able to obtain a redemption code.  It doesn’t recognize my serial #.  FYI, I ordered my iMac on 5/3, but the order/ship date was 6/10.  Apple told me I would receive the upgrade because the ship date was after 6/6.

  • dcj001

    The process worked perfectly for me. I got my redemption code, clicked on the App Store link, logged in, no charge, downloaded at 20 megabits per second, finished right at 40 minutes.

  • Blake Roach

    What city and state do I use for the form to get my code?  I ordered my macbook online.

  • raking

    Just out of curiosity, did you purchase your computer from the Apple Online Store?  What computer was it?  And when did you purchase it?

  • Joe Estock

    I am also having the same problem. I purchased my MBP at Best Buy and it seems that Best Buy had the purchase date set incorrectly to 11/3 instead of 6/16. According to one of the numerous Apple technician’s I spoke with it could take up to 24 hours before my purchase date is updated in the system. Mac’s hold up to their reputation of “Just working”; Too bad Apple’s web services don’t hold to the same standard.

  • 5imo

    Called apple support as it was just breaking he said try every hour or so, FYi it was a MBP 15″ 2.2 from the online store

  • raking

    Just out of curiosity – did you buy your computer from the Apple Online Store or from a retail store?

  • Jacob Smolowe

    I had the same problem an hour ago, but as of 10 minutes ago it worked for me. Keep trying.

  • markhunte

    I bought my Mac from an Authorised reseller, filled in the form. And got my redemption code straight away. Downloading now.

    I would suggest you open system profile and copy and paste the S/Number. That way there is no mistake in entering ambiguous characters. (which I have done in the past) :-)

  • Stephanie Barrett

    For those having serial number issues, try using the form for purchases after July 21st.  The other form was saying they could not find my serial number, so I decided to try the other set of forms for the hell of it. It worked right away (I guess the servers are not overloaded when going through this form?) 

  • Aroi Lertlum

    is this free update program eligible out side U.S. and Canada ?

  • Wayne Sheridan

    11.00am PST Click on purchases after July 20th, even though you purchased it before that date. Worked Perfectly!

  • 4TheLuvOfVodka

    it is working now. 

  • Nathan Chow

    Up To Date seems to be working now, for Online Apple Store Mac purchases. It wasn’t working for me, for the entire morning, but just tired now and it works.

  • Alex

    I bought my macbook pro from retail store  on  15th  July,  all going well,  but need waiting 24hours till they verify my purchase..  ( United Kingdom )

  • Jäger-Jon Punshon

    yeah Aroi, i was having issues using the American up to date program. So i googled it for the uk and got a link for the uk version

    i typed in: os x lion up to date available in the uk?, so just change the country you are in from the uk to whatever and a link in google should take you to that country up to date program :) 

    hope that helps

  • fonearena

    damn i bought my air in may end .. missed it by a week :(

  • David Vaughan

    The up to date is not working for me, and has not been working all day.  Got my MBP from online store on July 7th.  Frustrating

    [Update] Have tried all the sugestions posted in the comments here, still no love. *sigh* I hope it’s not due to this being a refurb from apple online store. According to Apple my system qualifies, but I’m sure my attempt to save a couple bucks is causing this issue.

    Anyone else still having issue that has a refurb as their qualifying purchase.

  • Miles Bennett

    Downloading it now. Great easy process. No problems in New Zealand with MBP bought from apple retailer.

  • Bogdan Enache

    Still no luck

  • leodeangelis

    i bought a new imac on the 14th july 2011 in Gaborone Botswana i have tryed to download Loin but i cant get past the first page of the free download because it wants a USA city and state how do i get my free download of lion if i am not it the states? please help

  • Neil Martin

    Thanks for that tip – a great help.
    Ironic that we have to rely on Google to help us out though !!!

  • Andy Jeffries

    “This offer is good only in the United States (50 states and the District of Columbia) and Canada, and valid only in accordance with the terms set forth in this document.”

    Thanks a lot Apple!

  • Maurizio Villasignore

    I bought mine on the apple store July 10th and it was giving me that error too. I typed Apple Online Store and for city and state, the closest city with an Apple Store to me. It worked! I hope I can download now :)

  • Roobyroobyroo74

    I am in the UK and also had this problem initially, noticed there was ‘us’ in the web address so changed it to ‘uk’ and it came up with a uk address form.
    For other countries I guess you would replace the uk/us as appropriately.

  • Roobyroobyroo74

    Does anyone know if you can make a bootable copy from the uptodate program download and install this on other machines without having to pay? i.e. does the fact you’ve redeemed and downloaded using the iTunes account validate it on your other machines?

  • Joe Estock

    It has been over 24 hours and I am still experiencing the same issue. According to the Apple store technician I need to wait another 24 – 48 hours as they are still having problems. I think they need to rename the Up To Date service to Out Of Luck. According to the technician the Up To Date service is not working for 90% of us.

  • David Vaughan

    Same here, you can keep ‘Up to Date’ (LOL) on the progress as I am in the same boat.

  • Mark Nightingale

    Still not working if purchased through the Apple Store online. Like oters it doesn’t recognise the serial number. All round confusion at Apple. I am new to Mac and this is cobblers.

  • Tássia Paschoal

    the terms and conditions state that the up-to-date program is only available for the US and US territories. you will have to purchase the upgrade for $30 :{

  • Jennifer Soto

    Hello, do you know if waiting 24 hours has to do with your location or if that is just the way that it is everywhere?

  • Orincy Whyte

    I already received the code, is there some kind of expiration date on it?!

  • tuxing

    Thanks a lot for the guide
    was able to get lion update free for my mac mini purchased in may 2011
    just gave the purchase date as june 10th and amazon as store.


  • Victor Dabbah

    i’ve sent the email (1 day ago) to get the code but I dont get a reply from the Apple store, is it because i have something wrong with my information?

  • DeAnthony Walker

    I bought mine from an authorized apple store and the up to date program doesn’t recognize my serial number so i sent the request through the web form thing. I purchased my macbook pro 13 inch on june 18, 2011.

  • markypants

    Well I made a mistake and bought Lion from the app store without realising it was free for new users. Bought my new iMac just three weeks ago, does anyone know of a way to redeem the cash.

  • BAD

    I purchased a MBP 15# via Apple online store and was able to redeem the code on the app store for Lion.  Try it now.

  • Joe Estock

    You might want to add to your blog the following information. This is the latest conveyed to me by Apple:

    It could take up to 7 days for you to receive your redemption code for Lion. They have resolved the problem and are backed up with approvals. You should be able to get Lion in 24 to 48 hours.

    No, that is not a typo. They again told me 24 to 48 hours and said that it can take up to SEVEN days. I was so infuriated by this entire mess that I sent an email to Steve Jobs. Still no reply but you are welcome to post it on your blog. Let me know if you want it and how to get it to you.

  • David Vaughan

    Thanks, I put your comments over on the blog.  You are welcome to Post your letter over there or send it to me in email.

  • ChrisZTech

    DOESN’T WORK for Free Lion Server Upgrade!  I wished it worked after have just purchasing a new Mac Mini server.  Website says that serial number does not qualify!!  It took 45 minutes on the phone to Apple Support to find out it will be “several days” before they get their computer system up to day to be able to accept the the required serial numbers.  Obviously some team at Apple was not ready to fulfill this program.

  • Hassan Amin

    the issue isnt just for online purchases i purchased mine at a store and have had no success as the other customers.. i wonder what will happen when the 30day period ends? what will apple do..

  • TygerBright

    I bought my new MacBook in the USA on 17 July, was promised OS X Lion free, but I live in France. Got to… took a JPG photo of my sales receipt and they say they will send App code once they verify the receipt.  That was 4 days ago, no news since. It is some small comfort though that so many of you are having problems as well. I worry that this offer is date specific, and could run out before I get ‘verified’.

  • Rutticat

    i just bought my mbp from apple store in edmonton canada, cant get redeem code to come up, then tried again and it doesnt like the serial no.  so the problem is still happening,  i wanted os x lion and they told me at the apple store they didn’t have a chance to upgreade everyone

  • Your mom

    no stfu

  • shanedog11

    Pitty the retailer never told me about this before the 30 day period was up. I just assumed my purchase would have had all the up to date software