Wozniak’s Conundrum – A Working Steampunk Marriage of Mac and Typewriter



Feeling a little dazed by the pace of change these days? Perhaps a little wistful for simpler computing times gone by? Then feast your eyes on Wozniak’s Conundrum, a wonderful – and working – steampunk marriage of a 1991 era Macintosh and an 1897 Remington typewriter.

Wozniak’s Conundrum is the charming work of Steve La Riccia. The keyboard comes from a 114 year old Standard Model 7 Remington typewriter, the information workhorse of its day. Since typewriters don’t have Return keys, La Riccia used the cartridge release (carriage return) lever for this task – a fitting analog!

The Mac runs System 7.5, and the multi-generational hybrid includes a modified telegraph key mouse, a wind-up 56k modem built from old telephone parts, and a floppy disk drive. The requisite miniature steam engine geneator is located along the left side.

Steve’s steampunk Mac represents a three month labor of love, and is currently on display at The Mac Store in Eugene, Oregon. And there’s no chance that it’s Lion compatible!

[via Gizmowatch]