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iPhone Film Fest Wants Your Videos (The SFW Ones)


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Calling all iPhone Fellinis: a contest for short flicks shot on iDevices is open for entries.

The official name is the Original iPhone Film Contest, but you can enter anything shot on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad2.

(Organizers say entries will be verified, so if you try to fudge it and shoot on something else, you will be disqualified.)

Categories include fiction, non-fiction, brand film (an ad or short for your favorite company or product) and music video. For the first three categories, films must be three minutes or under; the music video can run the length of the song but not over 4:30.

Organizers are launching this inaugural contest “to bring together and showcase the films of the iPhone filmmaker community and encourage aspiring filmmakers to tell their stories by utilizing the “film studio in their pocket” – the cutting-edge Apple IOS devices that break down the barriers to personal filmmaking.”

Judging your smartphone cinematics will be the likes of David Pogue of the New York Times, movie director Lasse Halstrom, the lads from Maroon 5 plus a host of journos, creatives and indie film types.

Prizes include the iPad, Apple TV and apps like MovieSlate, Prep for iMovie and Clips for iMovie.

Deadline for entries is Sept. 30.

For more info, click here.