Official Google+ for iPhone App Is Now Available On The App Store



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53 responses to “Official Google+ for iPhone App Is Now Available On The App Store”

  1. prof_peabody says:

    not in Canada (yet) it isn’t. 

  2. Bruce Campbell says:

    I cant find it in the app store yet… fail?

  3. Abraham Perez says:

    It’s super fast…even on my iPhone 3G! Video posted in comments acts a little funny, but definitely a comfortable experience from the starting gate.

  4. evargas says:

    only in the US itunes store, disappointed once again by Google.

  5. Abraham Perez says:

    You can download via TC site:

  6. Sapir Kraus says:

    only for US costumers,damn it!

  7. Derekvdp says:

    13+ My ass. I’m sixteen but Google locked me out of G+ because of the minimum age.Why don’t they just make it 17+ if you at least have to be 18 to get in?

  8. Derekvdp says:

    It is on the Dutch Store.

  9. Claudio Calligaris says:

    Oddly, I did download the Google+ app from the Canadian store… however, it does not seem to be compatible with the iPod Touch.

  10. Zoe_RILLA says:

    I’m not seeing it here Lloyd.

  11. Matt Urgo says:

    Yea I’m in the US and it doesn’t seem to be there when I search for Google+

  12. paulh says:

    strangly enough i managed to download the app and install it on my 3gs but i cant use the google+ app coz i dont have an invite or google+ account if you want the app let me know should mention im in the uk and its not avaliable here yet on the uk app store dont know how i managed it but somehow it downloaded from the US store…

  13. Danny Beardmore says:

    App crashes on iOS5 beta 3….

  14. Danny Beardmore says:

    Use the link below to get the app…

  15. mgs911 says:

    it is just not using search… I’m currently using it, and downloaded it from the canadian app store.

  16. Guest says:

    So far I think it’s pretty poor. It’s really nothing more than the HTML5 web app but with notifications. I started a ‘huddle’ with a friend and messages weren’t sending, then not showing etc. Plus, I looked at a friend’s photos and it showed the webpage within the browser – I hate that, it’s much better to have everything as it’s own ‘app version’. Either way, I still think Google+ is great and I know it’s very early days so any progress is appreciated.

  17. Michael Lord says:

    Just checked my App Store updates & noticed there was already one present for Google+.

  18. Soho22 says:

    So? They got a few months left to support iOS5.

  19. Soho22 says:

    I would like an iPad version…

  20. davidweber1015 says:

    Surprisingly,  it can’t be loaded on my iPad (original version).  Anyone know when a G+ iPad app will be available?

  21. Jorge Lopez says:

    yeah totally unusable in ios5 beta 3

  22. MattSTKC says:

    It’s not showing up in Search, or under Google’s developer page, or in the charts AND the link directly from iTunes or any other site gets a “Your Request Could Not Be Completed” pop-up. LAME Apple, your servers should be able to handle this. Doesn’t bode well for the digital Lion launch

  23. Gheedsgreed says:

    You have to use the direct link

  24. MrUnderwood says:

    Would anyone be so kind as to send my an invite.  You are the best!!!

  25. Jim Stockert says:

    who cares, don’t have an “invite” anyway….

  26. Harold Soto says:

    Why is it only for the US?

  27. mai duc chung says:

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

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