The Ultimate Stress Relief: Tea and Kittens



Are you stressed?

Of course you are. We’re all stressed. What with global economic meltdown, internet security rapidly becoming a joke, unrest in Libya and the Middle East, gas prices soaring, even our beloved newspaper barons under attack from pretty much everyone. It’s a stressful time.

What we need is something soothing to calm our furrowed brows. What we need is a cup of tea. And some pictures of kittens.

Behold! The Tea and Kittens app provides both, in spoonfuls.

First, it calms you with a kitten picture. The app stores a selection of these so that you’re guaranteed stress relief even when offline. Next, it searches for nearby purveyors of tea and shows you their locations on a handy little map. You have admired a kitten, and you now know where to go for a soothing cup of decent tea.

The app is based on Tom Royal’s successful Tea and Kittens website, designed “for the removal of stress in office environments.”

Of course, the app and website are only useful for kitten and tea lovers. If you can’t stand either then I’m afraid you’ll have to make your own Puppies and Coffee app. And, you know, that could work.