Apple to Hold Retail Store Slumber Party Tonight in Preparation for Lion Release Tomorrow


Image courtesy of Simon-K on Flickr

When the doors of Apple retail stores close tonight, some employees will be arriving for an overnight that is expected to see preparation for the launch of Mac OS X Lion tomorrow.

According to “multiple retails sources across the world,” speaking to 9to5 Mac, Apple’s retail store stock rooms are currently littered with large tubes that contain shiny new Lion posters. Each store has also received a Mac Pro, pre-installed with Lion for an “unknown purpose,” and LaCie hard drives loaded with the Lion Gold Master release — ready to be installed on each and every Mac on display in each store.

But what about hardware? Countless rumors in recent weeks have claimed an updated MacBook Air line will launch alongside the new OS, and possibly other machines as well. However, none of the information from these sources mentions the delivery of any new hardware.

But wait. Haven’t we heard all this before?

Well… yes. According to speculation earlier this month, Apple retail staff were set to hold an overnight on July 13, in preparation for Lion’s release on July 14, which obviously came and went without any sign of a launch.

Will these retail sources be more accurate this time around? Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  • Peter Pollack

    I won’t hold my breath on this one!

  • Chris Brunner

    This makes 2 in 2 weeks. I just want so see Lion come out to play! Oh, and a new MB Air. :)


  • Elliot George

    Piss off back to FOF and stay there Chris.

  • ggore

    “July” in marketspeak means any day up till July 31.     “Fall” for iOS 5’s release can mean any day up to Dec 21, so I am definitely not holding my breath on either one of these. 

  • c.t

    Please stop putting your URL on every comment you do on this site. Thank you.

  • CharliK

    yes the stores are getting their tube of banners (only the computer side is changing). Tubes is only for stores like 5th Ave. And yes they got their demo image drives over the weekend to dupe for the installs. 

    As for new hardware. Apple doesn’t ship ahead of a release unless they gave a firm date. Which is really only iphones and ipads at this point. Everything else is received by the stores during the typical 10am-2pm UPS/FedEx window on the day it goes on the site or the day after. So even if there is new hardware it will not be on the floor first thing tomorrow morning when the stores open. At the larger stores that have an around the clock prep staff it will be lunch time or shortly after and for the rest it will be Thursday AM or early PM before it is all out. 

  • Corbin Fawver

    shut up